Various pressure gauges are suitable for measuring the pressure of liquids, vapors and gases without the risk of explosion, no crystallization, no solidification, and no corrosion to steel alloys. Stainless steel diaphragm pressure gauge price use working temperature: -40 °C ~ 70 °C, relative
In 2015, the Asian chemical industry will face the old problems such as lack of resources and decentralization of the industry. At the same time, it will also withstand the test of China's economic slowdown. However, oil prices may remain low in 2015, and a series of plans or reforms in Asian
With the phenomenon that "a driver's license is difficult to buy" is becoming more and more common, car rental seems to be a good choice. With the continuous improvement of car rental platforms and car rental services, tourists' car renta
When the vehicle is jacked up, the engine must not be started. Because the vibration of the engine or the rotation of the wheels will cause the vehicle to slide down from the jack and cause danger. Vehicles for various types of vehicles are generally secured in position when using jacks to ensure