The modified water glass is effective for the flotation process of molybdenum ore and tungsten ore, and can strongly inhibit the gangue minerals which have similar buoyancy with the target minerals, reduce the number of molybdenum selection operations, and greatly improve the selection efficiency.
The purpose of the test is to provide a basis for the development and utilization of the mine. Baoji Graphite Mine is a graphite-rich metamorphic rock-schist, mainly composed of mica graphite quartz schist, followed by sericite graphite quartz schist, muscovite calcite schist and zoisite tremolite
2016 is the most dramatic year for the LED industry. In the face of low-cost competition in the mainland market, international giants such as Philips and Osram have been losing their arms, and GE has suddenly withdrawn from the Asian and Latin American lighting market. Taiwanese companies have reduc