1. The mine rescue team applied the SP-2307 gas chromatograph as the main technical equipment for gas testing. This procedure is specifically developed for the laboratory technician to properly operate the SP-2307 gas chromatograph to provide correct gas analysis data for mine rescue teams handling
The "restoration of sustainable soil pollution, build a healthy green home" as the theme, by the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China Ecological Restoration Network co-sponsored the 2017 (second session) Chinese heavy metal contaminated soil remediation repair General Asse
In the winter, with the sudden drop in temperature, the wire and cable industry has been affected. The most obvious effect is that the difficulty in laying cables has increased. For example, it is known that oil viscosity of a viscous oil-impregnated paper-insulated cable increases at a low temper
"When I pay a deposit now, when can I mention the car?" "It's nice to see a friend buy a XCT80L6. I also want to buy one!" "I have signed a project here and I have specified XCT80L6!" "Not the same is not the same, my wife likes XCMG's crane, of course,
Fingerprint puncher believes that everyone is familiar with it. Now the company basically uses the method of fingerprint punching and signing to supervise employees' attendance. As the name implies, the fingerprint punching machine uses fingerprint technology to capture and record through fing
Flotation beneficiation plant workers is an important responsibility: to ensure maximum recovery of useful minerals, reducing the metal loss as much as possible; to ensure the quality of concentrate to achieve the required standards; avoid operational errors caused by personal and equipment acciden
LED electronic screen rental screen is generally divided into the main screen, secondary screen, expansion screen and floor tile screen, etc. Before the installation of the project, the general LED display manufacturers or contractors will issue a complete solution, such as LED rental screen spaci
The quality of the LED explosion-proof lamp depends on what, led explosion-proof lamp cooling performance directly affects the quality of the product, LED explosion-proof lamp cooling performance how to choose to choose it. The quality of LED explosion-proof lamps takes the initiative. Most of th