2013 Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle intensifies its transformation from big to strong

At Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle Company's 2013 business annual meeting, the author heard a remark from Dongfeng executives repeatedly that "infinitely close to the needs of users." This concept also reflects Dongfeng's marketing service concept and specific practices.

Theme of the conference: Deepening transformation and creating a new future

This may sound simple, but it is not so easy to do. The author will compare the status quo of the industry below. Everyone will understand that Dongfeng can put it this way and put it into practice. It is indeed at the forefront of the industry.

Technology-oriented, product-oriented or market-oriented?

Dongfeng is a market-oriented company, and this alone is at the forefront of the industry.

Why is it "market-oriented"? This is a word spoken by almost all corporate executives. However, there are not many companies that actually do business.

Many companies still stay in the product-oriented stage - aiming to be the best product; or more low-level, that is, technology-oriented - to use the most advanced technology as the goal. This point can be seen from the publicity of many companies on their products.

Take the 2012 Guangzhou Auto Show, the author participated in the media briefing of Jianghuai. At this conference, the deputy director of the JAC Technical Center spent a lot of time to introduce their products to more than a hundred media present. When introducing Jianghuai products, such as SUVs and Jianghuai Xingrui, he basically talked about what advanced technologies were used in these products and what the best performance was. What I always wanted to know is which user groups these products mainly meet. Why are these features urgently needed by consumers? What better performance than competitive products can bring to consumers? Unfortunately, I did not hear a full introduction.

I remember that a few years ago, when Beijing Hyundai’s SUV Tucson went public, it was similarly introducing similar products. Beijing Modern used a lot of space to analyze that with the economic and social development in China, SUVs must become an important market segment. Who needs SUVs? What are the characteristics of this group of people? What applications do they want the SUV to meet? Then analyze the competing products in the domestic market and analyze where these competing products meet these needs. What other requirements are not well met, and then explain that Tusheng has provided the functions in addition to the functions of competing products. There is no function or better performance.

Similarly, when SAIC-GM-Wuling General Manager Shenyang introduced its product Wuling Rongguang, it first analyzed the national conditions. Because of the national conditions of China's only child, it has led to some families needing a family of seven. This is the market demand for seven Wuling Rongguang. Shenyang further subdivides the seven-seat light vehicle market. Wuling Rongguang belongs to these groups. They have specific requirements for prices and functions, and finally they introduce Wuling Rongguang's product features and how it can be better. Meet the needs of this part of the user.

You know, there is no free lunch in this world, and any technology upgrade will have to pay a price. When companies provide consumers with higher performance, do they need to tell consumers first whether these features will increase costs? If the cost is increased, will the company sacrifice other performance or sacrifice profits in the same price as competing products? Some high-tech costs are really what consumers need most?

For example, when the Universiade heavy truck was listed at the Beijing Auto Show in 2010, all the slogans on the booth were for “super bearing”, and the promotional materials used a lot of pen and ink to describe how the Universiade heavy truck could be overloaded. At the time, the author told the chairman of the Universiade, Yuan Qinshan, whether you were off course? There is a trend of lightweighting nowadays (the lightweight trend of the year is not yet obvious)! At the auto show one year later, when Qin Qinshan met the author again, he said with a smile that you were right. Our car was too heavy. We have been doing light work now.

For another example, the same problem exists when Ji Rui United Trucks went public. Whether it is for a combined truck or a joint power 6K engine, emphasis is placed on high performance without specific analysis. Which group needs such an expensive truck? What is the demand for this group? Can it support the joint truck's production needs and development needs? The 6K engine uses very advanced technology and even some aspects are comparable to Mercedes-Benz engines. However, what are the issues that Chinese consumers are most concerned about? Is it reliability, size, weight or fuel economy? Can this engine meet these needs well? unknown.

Enterprise resources must be limited. How can we use limited resources to better meet the diverse needs of users? It needs to be infinitely close to the user, classify the user’s needs, rank the importance of the user’s needs, sum up the needs that need to be met, make judgments on the cost of meeting the needs, and determine what kind of product should be provided. What kind of technology is used.

At this point, imported cars are obviously stronger than domestic brands. When foreign brands emphasize the advantages, they often use the customer's actual operation case or calculate the account according to the actual situation in China. This proves that their imported vehicles are the most profitable vehicles for users. The word they often hang on their lips is: “We have the lowest operating costs throughout the life cycle.” This is precisely one of the most important needs of users.

How to find and meet requirements?

The commercial strategy of Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles is to say that it is first necessary to "understand the characteristics and trends of logistics by industry and region," and then "to grasp customer characteristics and trends by industry and by region", and finally by "sub-industries and sub-industries." The region creates classic models that match customer characteristics and logistics characteristics."

This means that Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles must first analyze the characteristics of regional economic development, then analyze the user's needs based on these characteristics, and finally turn the user's needs into commodities. In other words, Dongfeng's products are started from research needs, and their purpose is to satisfy the demand instead of creating the world's most advanced heavy truck and using the world's most advanced technology.

Look at after-sales service, but also to be infinitely close to the needs of users. Now when many companies promote services, when they introduce a lot of preferential measures, they take it for granted that they cannot figure out whether these measures can solve the problems that users most need to solve. How does Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle enhance its service? She does not simply list some policies. It is also starting from what the user most urgently needs to solve.

The concept of the Dongfeng commercial vehicle after-sales strategy is: “Customer appeals as a starting point, responds quickly, and continues to improve customer satisfaction.” In other words, the purpose of upgrading services is to meet customer demands, not to look “good service”. "Service Policy" is awesome.

For another example, what is Dongfeng's proposed after-sale transformation? It is "according to customer satisfaction as the goal, to achieve after-sales service from functional to value-based changes."

Dongfeng summarizes the development trend of the modern logistics industry and translates it into the right user needs. Finally, according to the user's needs, it also determines what services to provide to users.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles places special emphasis on “conceptual transformation is the key to the transformation of after-sales services” and “services must have the concept of operations, customer-centeredness, and customer-oriented transformation”.

Dongfeng Commercial Vehicle is not only close to customers in terms of product development and after-sales service, but also complies with this standard in manufacturing.

For example, the appearance of quality standards and inspections, Dongfeng will be "user's vision" to set up inspections and put forward deficiencies. This is because, the appearance of this thing, the user's vision may be different from the technical experts. In terms of appearance, what the user likes to give is nothing wrong.

Dongfeng has done this, but it is not particularly difficult. However, if the concept determines the direction, if the direction is not correct, then the enterprise will struggle and it will be biased. Nowadays in many commercial vehicle companies, many CEOs are "engineering males" and have a particular preference for technology. There is nothing wrong with mastering high technology, but it must be based on satisfying the needs of users, and it is necessary to realize and satisfy the needs of users to the maximum extent within the cost range.

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