A Brief Analysis of the Reasons for the Poor Quality of Listening to the Car

With more and more cars on the road, and as people spend more time in the car, listening to music in the car has become an era demand, and cars have gradually become the most popular stage for music. Music can always give people a feeling of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, immersed in a gentle, deep, or happy jumping atmosphere. This pleasant and pleasant feeling may only be experienced in the most fluid cars. Enjoying the music in the car not only relieves nervous nerves, but also dispels the loneliness of people. When the car temporarily increases the distance between people, music plays a very strong role in remedying and integrating music. Music can also make the driver throw off the journey as quickly as possible, and gain more freedom from the notes. Self-driving cars ride on the boundless highway. Regardless of the scenery, it is a kind of spiritual flight.

In fact, most of the car audio are optimized, but they are not able to send out sounds of nature are often destroyed in the use of the stage, to the author's friends driving around the car point of view, they are often only through the purchase of car wash shop so-called genuine CD, or mobile phone connection to the car Sound, playing MP3 format music stored in mobile phones, and music that is usually downloaded from the Internet has been greatly compressed, and the bit rate of many music files is less than 128Kbps. In other words, this is already ruining those car stereos. .

What's more, it directly uses some of the music apps in the smartphone to play songs online. Usually, the concerts of these mobile phones playing online are compressed to the extreme, losing too much music details, and the sense of hearing will be greatly reduced. So it leads to very poor car audio! In actual fact, it is not the fault of the sound. The mistake is in the sound quality of the source.

To make a very simple analogy, the sound quality is similar to the camera lens pixels, and the sound is similar to the resolution of the screen. It's like a picture, taken by a tens of millions of pixels. You see a picture with a very high degree of reduction. The same photo, you shot it with a 2-megapixel camera, and you see the picture is very blurred. Why is the photo taken by the photo studio so clear? It is because of the high pixel resolution of professional camera lenses in photo studios. Why the same song, playing sound quality with a CD is better than using a cell phone or MP3 effect, the reason is here, the sound quality is also a format, MP3 uses all the lossy compression, the first few tens of MB of music The source file is compressed to a few megabytes. No matter how good the sound is, the results are very poor. Most cars now have AUX, USB, Bluetooth and other devices, which greatly facilitates the user's choice of player while deeply reducing the sound quality. Caused many friends to say that the sound of the car is too bad. Actually, at present, there is almost no such unpleasant family car stereo. Unless those commercial vehicles, such as vans, minibuses and the like, their car companies are not concerned about this aspect. However, as a family car, the configuration of the audio must be taken into account.

Why do you want to keep the CD player in your car? In fact, this is the sound quality problem that car companies have considered. Because only the lossless music is played on a CD disc, the sound effect is the best. Any songs in the lossless CD disc are uncompressed source files, so the degree of sound quality is 100%.

But now, genuine CD shops are rare, and many pirated discs are purchased, and the sound quality is as bad. The genuine price is often relatively high, often many friends buy a disc, which only 2-3 songs they really like, this is the CD disc's drawbacks. One person's preference for music is often more than one style, and there is more than one singer... But the CD's release is based on the album's distribution, or some of the company's own selection of songs, which to a large extent give consumers the choice Limitations.

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