Acceleration and deceleration management operations for the practice of numerical control production

When the error of the thread lead affects the cutting thread, the thread lead at both ends of the workpiece will be less than the specified lead because the tool speed during the transition is lower than the required command speed. To select a suitable time constant and transition time, programmatically extend the ends of the workpiece to eliminate the lead error during the two-step thread cutting. The influence of the error on the machining curve If the transition process of each axis of the machine tool has the same characteristics, the error of the linear machining accuracy will not be affected by the acceleration/deceleration command or the error of the servo system during machining, but they will be the transition segment between the curve or the straight line. Have a common impact. When a straight line and a straight line transition are made, the actual machining profile is a complex curve rather than a simple straight line transition due to the steady state deviation of the system. When the command position of the line arrives. At the point, the actual position only reaches the point. According to the previous analysis, when the cutting speeds of the two straight lines and their angles are given, we can find the velocity components in both directions. That is, the actual feed rate can be determined by the following formula: If the above two formulas are respectively integrated, when the radius and the tolerance 50 are known, the maximum speed at the time of machining the arc can be calculated according to this formula to ensure the machining accuracy. . The exponential acceleration/deceleration control algorithm is a commonly used algorithm for numerical control machining. It has similar and superimposed effects on the transition process of CNC machining with the position control system. This paper analyzes this effect and gives several calculation formulas for typical machining practicality. According to these formulas, the machining error can be minimized, so that the shape of the part can be accurately machined.


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