After the car market or into the future transformation of car dealers "to the ground"

The year is nearing completion and it is not surprising that 2013 will see a double-digit increase. An assessment data from the German Automobile Industry Association shows that sales of passenger vehicles in China increased by 21% in 2013, surpassing the 15.5 million in the United States, becoming the largest passenger car market in the world for the first time. Dong Yang, Secretary-General of China Automobile Association, predicts that China's auto production and sales will reach 21 million this year, and the growth rate is expected to reach 10%.

Behind the bright data, there are some doubts. The growth rate of the auto market has always been proportional to the GDP of the year, and the rational auto market growth rate is 1.5 times GDP. From the "Golden Decade" that the auto market has crossed, the auto market does not seem to have entered the stage of "rational growth." According to a report from a securities institution, the divergence between the growth rate of motor vehicles and the slowdown in economic growth is mainly due to the slowdown in economic growth, resulting in a corresponding slowdown in the overall income growth of residents. However, the income of residents has gradually entered the scope of purchase capacity for car sales. Contribute more. According to another data, the sales of thousands of people in the United States and Japan can reach 30 units during the period of maturity, and can reach 50-80 units in the mature period. The current sales of 1,000 people in China are 16 units, which still has a large room for growth.

Can not be ignored, behind the prosperous automobile production and sales, is the impact of vehicle emissions on the environment. Taking Tianjin as an example, in a “2012 Tianjin Environmental Status Bulletin”, the number of days in Tianjin where the ambient air quality did not reach the second-class good level in 2012 was 61 days, accounting for nearly 20% of the total number of days tested. PM2.5, which causes major air quality pollutants, accounts for about 16% of vehicle exhaust emissions.

The rapid increase in cars also leads to more congestion in urban transport. As of October 20, 2013, the Shenzhen Communications Committee released data: The number of motor vehicles in the city reached 2.548 million, an increase of 300,000 from the end of last year, and the average speed of the morning and evening peaks on the workday in the city and downtown area was 27 km/h. At 26 km/h, it was down 1.2% and 2% year-on-year respectively, but the speed was still higher than that of cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The greatest profit from sales in terms of car increments may not become the business idea of ​​car dealers in the future. At present, the annual income of automobile manufacturing industry is about 2 trillion yuan. The income of related industries such as upstream auto parts and downstream distribution service leasing insurance is larger than that of vehicle manufacturing. Statistics show that in the automotive market, the sales profit of the entire vehicle is About 20% of the profits of the entire automotive industry, parts and components suppliers account for about 20%, and the remaining 60% of profits generated in the service market. With the continuous expansion of the vehicle sales market, the market space for parts and services will further increase.

This means that from the top to the bottom, the automobile industry must begin to attach importance to the service market. The auto market has experienced several phases such as “golden development period” and “warming rebound period”. For car dealers, the pace of transformation needs to be accelerated, including auto finance, insurance, quality products, replacement of used cars, and owner services. The project may become a key business area in 2014 or even 5-10 years in the future.

 Slitting Machine

Slitting Machine can slit the steel coil according to customer`s requirement.

Slitting Machine line mainly includes decoiler, slitting device, tension unit, recoiler.

Production line and Parameter

1. Simple automatic decoiler(decoiler core can be easily taken away and changed)

Raw material: steel coil

Thickness: 0.3--2mm

Width: 900-1250mm

Inner diameter: 508mmmm

Max out diameter: 1300mm

Max weight: 5T


2. slitting device

Entry guide pitch roll + leveling part + adjust slitting shaft and blades + cutting +PLC+

Motor and Pump station

Slitting pieces:adjustable (cutting blades can be adjustable for any width pieces; different width already slitted for recoiler adjusted by spacer)

Shearing blade material: 12CrMoV

Working speed:10-15m/min,

Total power:about 22 KW

Voltage: 380V/3ph/50Hz


3. Tension unit

Hold down arms

Separate spacer


4. recoiler

Max coil weight: 5 T

Inner diameter: 508mm

Max out diameter: 1200mm

Hydraulic station power: 4Kw

Decoiler speed: 0-15m/min

Slitting Machine

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