Air compressor RTU communication board function analysis

The air compressor adjusts the configuration of the analog input board (AI board). Because the oil and water wells outside the station continue to increase, but the number of RTU channels is limited, in order to save the use of a limited number of signal channels, for some stations with large signal volume, the original 4-channel HSC board is replaced by an 8-channel AI board. , saving 5 interface channels and increasing 40 signal channels. Supporting upgrade of RTU communication board. The RTU communication board is an important component responsible for data transmission and is the interface between the RTU and external communication. In conjunction with the upgrade of the RTU motherboard, 20 sets of RTU communication boards have also been replaced. Reconfigure the RTU system, optimize the control scheme, and increase the safety factor. Comprehensive upgrade and improvement of the DCS system Honeywell DCS system optimization and improvement work is first to upgrade the three US workstations of the joint station DCS system to two dual-screen GUS. Two new LCN node cabinets are added to store all LCN nodes.

Two sets of DCS HM nodes each add a hard disk, and redundant hot backup with the original hard disk to improve the safety factor. Add 8 sets of (IOP, FTA) cards to meet production control needs. The second is to reconfigure the DCS system, optimize the process control plan, and improve the working time rate. Finally, data sharing and online publishing between the DCS system and the single well control system are realized. Fully restore and improve the automatic fire protection system of the oil production plant. Install an audible and visual alarm on the cabinet of the flammable gas detection system in the light hydrocarbon unit area of ​​the light hydrocarbon instrument cabinet, and drive it with the public alarm output of the system board. The public alarm output is interlocked with the fire control system of the central control room, and the regional analog display and sound and light alarms are realized on the fire control panel. A manual artificial fire alarm station is installed at a suitable location in the light hydrocarbon work area, and the signal is sent to the fire detection control system of the central control room to realize regional analog display and sound and light alarm.

1. main production varieties: soft and hard biscuits.
2. The whole production line has high automation and less manpower, the whole line length is 128 meters (oven can be lengthened).
3. PLC and touch screen control, different parts are controlled separately.
4. provide free technical support, including production formula technology, mechanical deployment technology and training workers;
5. Output: 35000 tablets per hour (actual output depends on the length of the oven), 10 grams per tablet (can be prepared according to customer requirements).

Biscuits Production Line

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