Ali Joins Longxi to Launch "Internet + Lubricant" Strategy

The strong whirlwind of "Internet + Lubrication" is coming soon! On May 20, 2015, the "upstart" of the automotive aftermarket - Alibaba Automotive Division will launch the first promotion campaign in the lubricants market since its establishment: Ali will Cooperated with SONIC, a high-end full-automatic synthetic motor oil, which is owned by the famous domestic lubricant brand Longhan Technology, to carry out a three-day promotional event: the price of SN-grade full-synthetic motor oil was lowered to 99 yuan at one stroke!

It is understood that this large-scale promotional action was agreed upon by Ali and Long Xu’s senior officials at the “Peace with Ali” Summit during the Shanghai Auto Show in April. For this short three-day promotion, Alibaba and Longsheng will invest more than 10 million yuan, mainly for promotional information coverage and product subsidies. The vast majority of consumers will undoubtedly become the biggest beneficiaries of this promotion. An SN-grade, 5W-40 full-synthetic motor oil, usually at a price of at least 400-500 yuan in a 4S store, and this 99-yuan ultra-low-cost promotion is just for the owners who “just cheered on rising oil prices”. In fact, it can be described as "a long drought and a shower."

The Internet strategy has now risen to the will of the country. Since the second half of last year, a large number of entrepreneurial enterprises in the automotive aftermarket represented by “light assets + services” have emerged like bamboo shoots. In 2014, venture capital capitalized China’s automobile and transportation market. The investment of enterprises in the field of APP only exceeded US$1.7 billion in the APP field, ranking first in all industries. This shows that the automotive aftermarket has already reached the cusp of the Internet wave. After the establishment of the Alibaba Automotive Business Unit in April this year, it has also developed strategic cooperation with major auto makers, and has also rapidly expanded its reach into the automotive aftermarket that covers a wide range of parts including lubricants and tires. The joint attack of Ali and Long Hao indicates that the automobile after market in 2015 will generate a new wave of big market due to the spoils of Internet predators.

Freestyle BMX is bicycle motocross stunt riding on BMX bikes. It is an extreme sport descended from BMX racing that consists of five disciplines: street, park, vert, trails, and flatland.

Flatland BMX occupies a position somewhat removed from the rest of freestyle BMX. People who ride in the above disciplines will generally take part in at least one of the others, but flatlanders tend to only ride flatland. They are often very dedicated and will spend several hours a day perfecting their technique.

Flatland also differs from the others in that the terrain used is nothing but a smooth, flat surface (e.g. an asphalt parking lot, basketball courts, etc.). Tricks are performed by spinning and balancing in a variety of body and bicycle positions. Riders almost always use knurled aluminum pegs to stand on to manipulate the bike into even stranger positions.

Flatland bikes typically have a shorter wheelbase than other freestyle bikes. Flatland bikes differ from dirt jumping bikes and freestyle bikes in one way. The frames are often more heavily reinforced because the people riding flatland often stand on the frames. This shorter wheelbase requires less effort to make the bike spin or to position the bike on one wheel. One of the primary reasons flatlanders often ride only flatland is the decreased stability of a shorter bike on ramps, dirt and street.

A variety of options are commonly found on flatland bikes. The most unifying feature of flatland bikes is the use of four pegs, one on the end of each wheel axle. Flatland riders will choose to run either a front brake, a rear brake, both brakes, or no brakes at all, depending on stylistic preference.

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