Angle Type Water Meter Ball Valve with Male X Female

Model NO.: BBV09
Type: Fixed Ball Valve
Function: Blow-Down Valve, Relief Valve, Atmospheric Valve, Bypass-Valve
Temperature: Normal Temperature
Application: Industrial Usage, Water Industrial Usage, Household Usage
Valve Certificate: ISO9001, Ce,Acs.UL,CSA
Pressure: Medium Pressure
Technical: Forged
Working Pressure: Pn25
Trademark: xbfm/ OEM
Transport Package: Polybag, Inner Boxcarton and Wooden Pallet
Specification: 1/2"--1
Origin: Zhejiang, China
HS Code: 8481804090

Angle Type Water Meter Ball Valve with Male/Free Nut

Angle Type Water Meter Ball Valve with Male X Female

 Product Description : 

 High Quanlity Aluminum Handle Ball Valve Male End with Free Nut


  • Material: Forged Brass ( CW617N, CW614 ,CW602N,ASTM C37700) 

  • Size: DN15 , DN20, D25mm 

  • Thread standard: Free Nut according to ISO228, ISO7/1, DIN2999/DECA fittings
    For the handle, it could be changed to magnetic Type, Brass Handle, or Zinc Alloy Handle

  • Package details: Each valve by one polybag, inner box, Cartons with pallets

  • Technical Specification:

  • Working pressure: 1.6Mpa 

  • Tested Pressure: 2.0Mpa 

  • Working medium: Water, oil, gas 

  • Working temperature: -20° C≤ T≤ 120° C

Installation Instruction:
1 Before Installing the valves, clean and remove any objests from the pipes
2 Ensure both connection pipes either side of valves and aligned
3 Ensure that two sections of the pipe match, and the valves until will not accept any
  gaps, any distroy in the pipes may affect the tighting of the connection, The work
  of the vales and can even casue a rupture. To be sure, place the kit in position to
  ensure the assembling will work
4 Before starting the fittings, ensure the threads and tappings are clean
5 If secton of pipes have not their final support in that place, They can be temporatily
  fixed, In order to avoid unnecessary strain on the valves
6 The theoretical lenghts gived by ISO7/1 for the tapping are typically longer than
  required, The length of the thread should be limited, and check that the end of tube
  does not press right up to the head of the thread
7 For the sealing assembly valves pipes, it is essential to use products that are
  compatible with the requirements of the clean water meter
8 Position the pipe clips on both side of the valves
9 If mounting on an air conditioning with Per tubing and hoses, it is is necessary
  to support the tubes and hoses with the fixed to abvoid strain on valves
10 When screwing the valves, ensure you only rotate on screws side by the 6 ended
  side, Use an open ended spanner or an adjustable spanner and not a monkey
  wrench. Never use a vice to tighten the fixing of the valves
11 Do not over tighten the valves, Do not block with any extensions as it may cause a
  rupture or weekening of the forging strenght. The Torque force not more than 30Nm


      General Guidelings :

      1 Ensure that the valves to be used are appropriate for the condition of the installation
      2 Be sure to have enough valve to be able to isolate the section of pipes as well as
        the approciate equipment for maintenance and repair
      3 Ensure that valves to be installed are of correct strenght to be able to support the
        capacity of their usage
      4 Installation of all circuits should ensure their function can be automatically tested on
        a regular basis ( at least two times per year)


      Machining Process

      Angle Type Water Meter Ball Valve with Male X Female


      Why Choose US



      We control the material of PTFE(Teflon) and stainless steel wires per customer's request.

      Some are from Japan and Taiwan, some are from China local. Only choose high quality material.

      We test leakage of each roll before braiding, then we cut 300mm and crimp it to test

      burst pressure after brading.

      We use CNC Lathes Machine for end fittings production. Machine system, knife and inspection

      tools are all imported from Japan.

      We use Techmaflex Crimping Machine which is imported from France. This machine has

      accurate and stable performance for crimping because it is produced for PTFE hose crimping only.

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      Angle Type Water Meter Ball Valve with Male X Female

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