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Manual transmission (English: Manual Transmission, referred to as: MT), also known as hand-shift transmission, Hong Kong is called the stick wave, is the most basic type of automobile transmission, its role is to change the gear ratio (also known as the gear ratio, is The engine torque is multiplied by the gear of the transmission. When the vehicle is stationary, due to its large mass and large inertia, the movement will use a large force. According to the principle of the lever, the longest torque with the longest torque is the largest The gears amplify the engine torque and assist the vehicle in moving forward.
After the vehicle starts to move, the inertia will keep moving forward, and the vehicle can continue to move forward with a small torque. Therefore, it is changed into a gear with a smaller gear radius, a smaller gear ratio, and a smaller torque magnification but a faster rotation speed. Gears are geared to achieve the same speed with less engine speed to save fuel, or to make the car faster. The fuel-saving gear with a gear ratio of less than one is referred to as overdrive gear ratio, the dense gear ratio refers to a low gear-gap ratio between gears, which represents a small drop in torsional force of each gear, which is favorable for vehicle acceleration), and provides reverse gear and neutral gear. In general, the driver can choose between any gear by pressing the clutch pedal and operating the shift lever. There are also a few manual transmissions, such as motorcycle transmissions, some racing transmissions, that only allow sequential shifting, these transmissions are called sequential shift transmissions.
In recent years, with the improvement of the durability of electronic control components, automatic manual gearboxes that are automatically controlled by computer-controlled automatic shifting clutches are becoming more and more popular in European cars. The gearbox has two sets of clutches at the same time. Automatically switching to another set of unused clutches engages quickly, eliminating the need for a single set of clutches to be disengaged and re-meshing as with traditional hand row gearboxes, with faster shifts and smaller shift shocks.
The role of the gearbox The physical characteristics of the engine determine the presence of the gearbox. First of all, any engine has its peak speed. Second, the maximum engine power and maximum torque occur in a certain speed zone. For example, the maximum engine power appears at 5,500 rpm. The gearbox can produce different gear ratios between the engine and the wheels while the car is moving. The gear shift can make the engine work in its best power performance state. Ideally, the gearbox should have a flexible gear ratio. The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) has such characteristics and can better exert the engine's dynamic performance.

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