CSSC Chengxi wins orders for 67 wind towers

Recently, CSSC Chengxi Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. won orders for 67 GE 1.6 MW, 80 m Australian wind towers and 10 Huarui 3 MW, 90 m European wind towers. Among them, GE 67 wind towers are expected tonnage. 8360 tons, Huarui 10 wind towers are expected to 3110 tons.
It is understood that the acceptance of the order of the wind tower has created favorable conditions for the continuity of the production of CSSC. At the same time, the contract of the order made the Zhongchuan Chengxi Wind Tower successfully entered the Oceania market. In addition to Antarctica, the towers produced by CSSC Chengxi will stand on all continents.

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