Diammonium Phosphate Market Shows Strong Price Quotes Continue to Grow

As the price of international diammonium phosphate has risen sharply, exports have increased, and the arrival of domestic spring plowing season and demand has started, the domestic market of diammonium phosphate has continued to show strong momentum in the near future. Prices continue to rise, and the increase rate is mostly 20-50 yuan (t price , the same below, higher than 70 yuan.

At present, 55% of powdered domestic DAP factory prices are mostly 2000-2070 yuan, 57% of powdered DAP factory prices are mostly 2080-2200 yuan, 62% of powdered DAP factory prices are mostly 2250- 2400 yuan, 64% content of powdered diammonium phosphate factory price is mostly 2430-2550 yuan. Market wholesale price: 57% of the domestic content of domestic wholesale market price of diammonium phosphate is mostly 2190-2250 yuan; 62% of the wholesale market price of diammonium phosphate is mostly 2350-2500 yuan; 64% of the market price of diammonium phosphate wholesale price For 2480-2680 yuan.

Market outlook, the market is expected to continue to strengthen the diammonium phosphate, but it can not be too optimistic, mainly due to three points: First, after vigorous development in recent years, China's production of diammonium phosphate increased significantly, the current production of diammonium phosphate The rate of increase has exceeded the growth rate of demand. Second, if the price of diammonium phosphate continues to increase sharply, and if the gap between the prices of high-concentration compound fertilizers is too large, some farmers will reduce the use of diammonium phosphate and switch to high-concentration compound fertilizers, which in turn will affect the phosphoric acid II. Ammonium demand. Third, if the export volume of diammonium phosphate is too large, causing the domestic price of DAP to rise sharply, the country may introduce a restrictive export policy similar to urea, using high-tariff measures to control the export of diammonium phosphate, leaving more diammonium phosphate to stay. In China, the price of diammonium phosphate in China has been inhibited from rising too quickly.

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