Don't be too wealthy to be too capricious to extend car life

Nowadays, automobiles have become the most common means of transportation. Cars are no longer a luxury equipment, but there is no reason to be able to afford them, and cars are not as refreshing as fast-moving products. This takes into account the useful life of cars, so how to extend vehicles? What is the service life? This is a big problem for many riders, mainly from maintaining a good technical state of the car, which is more conducive to extending the life of the vehicle. In fact, it involves a wide range of content, including automotive beauty care and other knowledge, summed up, mainly in the following three aspects:

First, the body care

Body care is also used to call car beauty. The main purpose is to remove various oxidation and corrosion from outside the body and body, and then to protect it, highlighting the "beauty" of the car. It mainly includes: car paint maintenance, cushion carpet maintenance, bumper, skirt maintenance, instrument panel maintenance, electroplating processing and maintenance, leather plastic maintenance, tires, wheel hub warranty, windshield maintenance, chassis maintenance, engine appearance maintenance.

Second, the car maintenance

The purpose of car body maintenance is to keep the car young forever. The purpose of car maintenance is to make the car run hundreds of thousands of kilometers without major repairs, to ensure that the car is in the best state of the art. It mainly includes: lubrication system, fuel system, cooling system, brake system, and carburetor (injector) maintenance.

Third, the body refurbishment

Such as the diagnosis and treatment of deep scratches, the repair of multi-material bumpers, the hard repair of hubs (covers), the refurbishment of leather and chemical fiber materials, and the renovation of engine colors.

Car maintenance is divided into two types of regular maintenance and non-regular maintenance. Regular maintenance includes daily maintenance, first-level maintenance and secondary maintenance. Non-regular maintenance includes: maintenance during break-in period and seasonal maintenance. The main work of car maintenance is nothing more than cleaning, inspection, tightening, adjustment and lubrication. However, with the development of science and technology and the automobile industry, various advanced technologies based on computers are widely used in automobiles, making the future cars gradually becoming more intelligent. Therefore, the content of car maintenance has been given new connotations.

Although the daily maintenance of automobiles mainly depends on the owner, car maintenance is a relatively technical and complex task. It is difficult for the driver himself to complete and he needs to go to the steam maintenance company. Now, in China, there are still some car maintenance companies clinging to the traditional maintenance concepts. The maintenance equipment and tools are outdated, and the maintenance methods and methods are still the same. This does not meet the needs of modern development. In addition, the service quality of individual maintenance companies is worrying. In order to seek profits for "black box operations," old and new ones are used in maintenance, and good repairs and replacement fees are in full charge. Therefore, to remind drivers to maintain the car must choose strong technical force, reliable quality of service, reputable maintenance companies, not to bother, save money and not to maintain the car, so as not to lose.

Soybean meal has high requirements for fat content, powder fineness, color and NSI value because it is extensively used as raw materials for production of SPC, SPI, histone and wiredrawing protein. We provide various soybean intensive processing lines, one of which is suitable for production of low temperature soybean meal. The main sections included in this process are:  Low Temperature Dehulling , Low Temperature Desolventizing, cleaning and classifying, etc.

Process Workflow:
Soybean Warehousing Section → Soybean Cleaning and Classifying Section → Low Temperature Dehulling Section → Soy Extraction and Low Temperature Desolventizing Section

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Low Temperature and Edible Soybean Meal Project

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