Dongfeng Light Commercial Vehicle Products Pass National CQC Certification

The expert group of Wuhan Branch of China Quality Certification Center, after the CQC certification review of the physical and management measures of Dongfeng Motor’s shares in Fuyang, has been hammered down. This marks that Dongfeng Motor’s products fully comply with the national certification standards in terms of safety, electromagnetic compatibility, and performance that directly reflect product quality and affect consumer personal and property safety.

The CQC certification is the first surveillance audit since Dongfeng Motor Co. implemented the production consistency control plan in 2012. CQC product conformity certification aims to protect the interests of consumers and promote the improvement of product quality. It is mainly focused on the production company's ability to ensure consistency in production consistency under the national mandatory (CNCA-02C-023:2008) standards. The edition requires companies to formulate a conformity control plan that covers the compliance of parts, processes, and entire vehicles with the regulations and control measures.

It is understood that the CQC certification body is a national certification body (NCB) in China that has joined the International Electrotechnical Commission's Electrotechnical Products Qualification Testing and Certification Organization (IECEE) Multilateral Cognition (CB) system, and is a member of the International Certification Organization (IQNet) and the International Organic Agriculture Movement. The national certification body of the IFOAM has a good reputation both at home and abroad.

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