Eaton Releases Fourth Sustainability Report in Beijing

On June 5th, 2012, Eaton Corporation, the world's leading power management company, organized the “Energy Innovation and Sustainable Development City Forum” in Beijing in conjunction with the “WTO Economic Guideline”. On the day of the forum, Eaton officially released the 2011 Eaton China Sustainability Report. The report system fully shared and interpreted Eaton’s progress and achievements in the field of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility over the past year. This is the fourth report of Eaton since it first released the report on sustainable development in China in 2008.

As part of the 7th International Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility, the "Energy Innovation and Sustainable Development Forum" focused on "Energy Efficiency Management and Sustainable Development", attracting experts and scholars from related fields, and leaders and enterprises of relevant government departments. The wide participation of representatives. The delegates conducted extensive and in-depth analysis and discussion on the energy issues and challenges facing the development of modern cities.

“The rapid development of the city’s demand for energy continues to increase. To increase the efficiency of energy use as much as possible, explore energy-saving products and technologies, and become an important way for companies to achieve sustainable development.” Shier Bing, President of Eaton China, said, “Eton hopes to help With its own unique advantages in energy and power management, companies and organizations with the same concepts inside and outside the United Nations have taken advantage of their respective strengths and acted together to build a road to innovation in China's low-carbon cities."

It is understood that the rapid development of science and technology has promoted the rapid development of urban informatization. As one of the important means of informatization, the construction and popularization of digitalization have played a crucial role. However, while digitalization brings convenience and speed to people's lives, it also brings huge energy consumption challenges. The American research institution Gartner calculated the energy consumed by the user's computer and the energy consumption of the server search once. The results show that the energy consumed by humans once per Google is equivalent to boiling half a pot of water. The research institute pointed out that the carbon dioxide emitted by the IT industry has accounted for 2% of the world.

According to relevant data, the data center accounts for 40% of the total IT energy consumption in the world. In 2011, the energy consumption of China's data centers accounted for 5% of the country's total energy consumption, which is three times that of the United States. The real energy-consuming large users of data centers include infrastructure such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power distribution systems, and refrigeration systems.

As a diversified power management leader, Eaton has a comprehensive green data center solution that can be used in key data centers such as communications, hospitals, banks, and airports, taking into account reliability and energy efficiency.

The “Energy Innovation and Sustainable Development Cities Forum” is a series of forums that Eaton started last year and is one of the important actions for the company to respond to the Golden Bee 2020 Social Responsibility Initiative. “Golden Bee” is a concept of social responsibility initiated by the “WTO Economic Guideline” in 2007. The "Golden Bee 2020" initiative was initiated in 2011. It is the promotion and intensification of the "Golden Bee" concept. It aims to promote common actions and cross-border cooperation between different companies, different organizations, and even different countries in order to achieve the goals of enterprises and society. Continuous development. As one of the initiators of this initiative, in addition to conducting the series of forums, Eaton will also fulfill its commitment to this initiative through city surveys, the establishment of technology and industry alliances, etc., to contribute to raising awareness of corporate social responsibility and promoting sustainable development.

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