EGR or will dominate the 2009 State III engine market

Due to the various advantages of EGR engines, an industry source believes that in the State III diesel engine market in 2009, EGR engines will dominate.

The industry insider said: "The market demand for EGR engines will mainly depend on the direction of the policy. As the country has loosened its EGR engine policy, it is expected that it will have a life span of more than 5 years. According to the current corporate Feedback, the development of EGR engines from various manufacturers is expected to be completed in 2009."

The reason is that in addition to the advantages of the EGR engine itself, the shortage of high pressure common rail system is also one of the reasons. At present, domestic diesel engine companies generally adopt the common rail system of Bosch and Denso, and Delphi's common rail or single pump system. These three international suppliers cannot meet the needs of domestic diesel engine companies in the short term. Although the domestic oil pump plants are all developing autonomous electronically controlled injection systems, they are still technically immature and it takes 2 to 3 years for mass production.

Industry insiders predict that in 2009 the EGR engine will dominate the country III heavy-duty engine market. "Estimating mass production of EGR engines by the manufacturers in the second half of 2009 will account for at least 70% of the total volume of the State III engines, and will account for about 50% of the year. According to the above ratios, the total EGR engine demand in 2009 is estimated. The volume will be around 300,000 units."

The industry analyst also analyzed: "From the current host engine plant EGR engine development plan, it still takes some time, it is expected that the EGR engine will be widely used in the second quarter of 2009, will enter the rapid growth in the second half. According to foreign countries. The experience is that IV can be upgraded on the basis of EGR engines, such as upgrading in-line pumps to electronic unit pumps or common-rail systems. From the current trend, EGR engines may continue to reach IV. Implementation."

Mould Temperature Controller/Mold Temperature Controller

RTC series automatic Mould Temperature Controller is mainly used for mould heating and keeping constant temperature, as well
as for the fields with same requirement. This series adopts heat-exchanging principle, using water or high- heat-conduction oil as media to keep the mould at a constant temperature during molding, which guarantee top quality for molding. The optimized design ensures the heating temperature up to 200 degree centigrade. The characteristics of machine:
(1)Computer control, direct-view, easy and simple for operation, PID temperature control with high accuracy and stable temperature controlling. The accuracy is within 1 degree centigrade .
(2)Use horizontal pump, running in smooth and steady way, stable flow with long life
(3)Cylindrical tube design, pressurization and explosion-proof.
(4)Automatic alarming function, alarm and stop automatically when the system has a breakdown
(5)Attractive appearance, easily-dismount design, convenient for maintenance
(6)Water and oil cooling type for customers' selection

Mould Temperature Controller

RTC-W series (water type) and RTC series (oil type) Mould Temperature Controller are used to heat up the mould and maintain temperature, meanwhile they can be used in other similar applications.
For RTC-W series (water type), high temperature water from the mould is returned to the cooling tank and cooled by direct cooling.
It is then pressurized by the high-pressure pump, sent to the heating tank and finally to the mould with a constant temperature.
For RTC series (oil type), high temperature oil from the mould is returned to the cooling tank and cooled by indirect cooling. It is then pressurized by the high-pressure pump, sent to the heating tank and finally to the mould with a constant temperature. With our optimized design, It can reach a maximum of 200°C.

P.I.D. multi-stage temperature control system can maintain a mould temperature with accuracy of 0.5°C.

Adopts high efficiency high temperature pump, which can meet the demands of temperature control for precise moulds and mould loop with minor diameter to achieve precise temperature control and high efficient heat exchange.

Multiple safety devices including power reverse phase protection, pump overload protection, overheat protection and low level protection that can automatically detect abnormal performance and indicate this via visible alarm.

For RTC-W series (water type), the heating temperature can reach 120°C.
For RTC series (oil type), the heating temperature can reach 200°C.

Pipe heaters are made of stainless steel.

Water manifolds, Teflon hose and Transfer oil are optional.

Equipped with high pressure protection, safety pressure relieving, automatic water supplying and air exhausting.

Mould temperature controller schematic structure:

Water Type Mold Temperature Controller

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