Electric shock lamp becomes a new type of insecticide weapon

When the country called for the implementation of pollution-free food production, many farmers committed crimes. In order to prevent insect pests, rice farmers often need to spray pesticides to kill insects, but toxic pesticides kill pests at the same time. It also affects the quality and safety of rice and other foods. This is inconsistent with the requirements of pollution-free food production. However, if pesticides are abandoned, how can pests be controlled? This is a contradiction in front of many farmers. However, after the electrocution type insecticidal lamp becomes a “new type of insecticide weapon”, such contradiction will no longer exist. Using physical insecticide means to kill insects is not only more green and environmental friendly, but the insecticidal effect is still very obvious.

Insect lamp

The name of the electric shock lamp is because it uses the physical method of electric shock to kill insects. In fact, there are many kinds of electric shock lamp, solar insect lamp, battery insect lamp, frequency vibration type insect lamp are all It is a member of the large family of electric insect killer lamps. Electric shock insecticidal lamp is a pollution-free, safe and environmentally friendly method of physical ecology and insect control, and it is well received by farmers. The insecticidal lamp has a phototaxis characteristic based on insect pests, utilizes a light source with a specific spectral range to attract insect pests and flutter light, and uses a high frequency electric network to inflict pests. After application, it exerts an efficient and safe insecticidal effect, which not only effectively solves the problem. The threat of pests and the demand for pollution-free food production have also been successfully implemented, which will help promote the development of modern agricultural ecology.

Science and technology, environmental protection, green, and ecology are important development concepts of modern agriculture, and also an important way to ensure the safety of production of food and other agricultural products. The application of electric pest-killing lamps, a “new type of insecticide weapon”, is a solution to agricultural chemicals that have been prominent in the past. The residual quality and safety issues created conditions that reduced the pollution of pesticide residues on the environment and crops, and effectively achieved the pollution-free green food. At the same time, the insecticide-killing effect of electric shocking lamp was significant, effectively reducing the pest index, saving The cost of planting farmers can help modern agriculture achieve its goal of cost-saving and efficiency improvement.

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