FAW Xichai: Superb craftsmanship for production escort

At the just-concluded 2014 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, FAW Wuxi brought its four models of Aowei, Hengwei and Conway to the four agricultural models 6DL2-24GG2, 6DF1-16G, 4DF2-12G and 4DW91-40GG2. A high profile appearance. Thanks to its leading technology, exquisite craftsmanship and high price/performance ratio, FAW Xichai Exhibition Hall has attracted the attention of people in the industry and exhibiting media, and has become a dazzling scene in the exhibition.

In recent years, with the constant breakthrough of technical strength, “Xichai Manufacturing” has gradually become a synonym for “high-end power” in China. Equipped with FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine has become the primary factor that more and more vehicle buyers consider. At the same time, along with the continuous development of FAW Xichai in overseas markets, “Xichai Manufacturing” has become one of the most dazzling business cards of “Made in China” in the world. Behind the unceasing splendor in the domestic and foreign markets, can not do without the strong production technology support of FAW Xichai.

Hone skills to build a foundation

As a company with 71 years of manufacturing history, FAW Xichai has a leading manufacturing industry and excels in the industry. This point, the front line of production and manufacturing of FAW Xichai - the xichai production line has been the most vivid embodiment.

In the FAW Xichai production line, the Aowei engine production line is the most advanced. "Aowei Engine Production Line is a flexible, agile and automated line, leading technology, extensive use of automatic detection devices and feedback control technology, vacuum drying technology, three-dimensional mark control technology, MQL trace lubrication technology, dry test leak detection technology, visual inspection Technology, robotic coating/spraying technology, diesel engine cold test technology, school ride control technology, etc., to improve process stability, achieve product quality indicators better than domestic similar products, and the same level with the international advanced level.” FAW Xichai Production Department related work The staff were very familiar with the advanced technology and leading technologies of Aowei Engine's production line, and they were proud to express their opinions.

According to reports, FAW Xichai has adopted the deep-seated press-fit technology for cylinder head seats and purchased automatic cryogenic press-fit equipment to master the cryogenic press-fit technology for cylinder head seats. This technology uses robots to hold workpieces on and off. , Automatically shift and position the workpiece, and press-fit with the numerically-controlled electric cylinder drive pressure head, so as to achieve the press-fitting accuracy of the cylinder cover seat tube; at the same time, the PCD tool in the diesel engine cover seat ring catheter finishing, cylinder finishing car It has been widely used in the processing of mouths and other products. CBN tools have mature applications in plane milling, semi-finishing and precision boring of diesel engine blocks and cylinder heads. Using this technology, steel parts after quenching are processed. As well as cast iron parts, this tool life is several dozen times that of common carbide tools, and the cutting speed can reach 800 meters/minute. Greatly improve the processing efficiency and economic benefits of FAW Xichai production line; at the same time, the FAW Xichai Aowei production line adopts advanced dry test leak detection technology to leak test in the cylinder water jacket, crankshaft front and rear oil seal test. A total of six German FROEHLICH leak detection equipments were installed on the cylinder head valve leak test and the whole machine leak testing station to monitor the assembly quality of the whole machine and troubleshoot as soon as possible so as to reduce the rework time, reduce the labor intensity and save the test fuel, etc. The quality of diesel engine ... years of technical precipitation and innovative ideas, making FAW Xichai production line mastered a full set of core technologies in the industry, for the engine products of high quality, high performance laid a solid foundation.

Technology Escort, quality and efficiency

With its superb technology and advanced technology as its basis, the production efficiency of FAW Xichai has been fundamentally ensured, which has effectively supported the explosive sales of the market. Since the beginning of this year, FAW Xichai has stepped up product upgrades and market expansion for natural gas engines such as L and M, and has received batch orders. The sales from January to October increased by 83.6% year-on-year. In order to meet the fast-growing market demand, the production department makes use of technical information and technological advantages to rationalize the layout of production capacity. According to each batch of natural gas orders, the natural gas final assembly, school buses, and oil seals are scheduled to be delivered to a special production plan, and all aspects of production are comprehensively sorted out. Different model configuration standards improve departmental efficiency, and lean deployment of school bus stations balances new product development and current production requirements. At the same time, the Production Department, together with the Purchasing Department, the R&D Department and other departments, have jointly strengthened the control of key core resources, and promoted the transformation of production lines and the acquisition of equipment in an orderly manner, focusing on long-term enhancement of the production capacity of natural gas engines. Just in the past October, the output of natural gas engines from FAW Xiceq increased by 151% compared with the previous period, setting a new high for the monthly output of natural gas engines.

Compared with the immediate benefits brought about by the increase in production efficiency brought about by the production technology, FAW Xichai paid more attention to the long-term dividend of the leap in manufacturing level brought about by technological innovation. In this respect, FAW Xichai has also done a very good job. Not long ago, FAW Xichai's "CA6DM diesel engine mass production process research and industrialization" project that won the second prize for technological innovation from FAW Group was a typical example in this respect. It is understood that FAW Xichai promotes the simultaneous upgrading of product platform and manufacturing level by accelerating the pace of technological innovation. During the implementation of the “CA6DM diesel engine batch manufacturing process research and industrialization” project, production and other related departments adopted new technologies, Research on new materials and new technologies has resulted in a number of patents and scientific papers. On this basis, 25,000 sets of CA6DM diesel engines and 75,000 sets of technological transformations were completed and put into production in January 2012 and January 2013 respectively. Industrialization of research results was applied to the CA6DM cylinder and cylinder head production line and assembly line. . The first domestic lean production distribution logistics technology, equipped with advanced equipment such as robot, machine vision inspection, leak detection, AC power testing, automatic tightening, and PLC interlocking of the whole line, adopting MQL gun reaming, NC numerical control, etc. Cutting technology, set up on-machine inspection and SPC inspection stations to enhance process quality control, fully embodies the characteristics of automation, flexibility, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and sustainable development. The project integrates and applies a number of technological innovations, has reached the international advanced level of technology, become a benchmark project for the engine industry, and marks a new breakthrough in the level of FAW Wuchai's product manufacturing.

Leading technology and exquisite craftsmanship have effectively solved the production capacity problems that FAW Xichai had to face in the face of fierce sales, and also helped manufacturers to help FAW Xichai step by step to the top of the industry. Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, if the Chinese manufacturing industry wants to take the initiative in the global competition, it must constantly seek breakthroughs in technology and occupy a commanding height in the manufacturing process. We have reason to believe that FAW Xichai, with its superb production technology and escort, will inevitably show more “killers” to the people in the promising future and show the charm of “Made in China” to the wider world.

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