Four characteristics of open alarm video surveillance system

First of all, compatibility is strong

The open alarm monitoring system requires the use of standard protocols, standardization of interfaces and protocols, and modular design. As we all know, the alarm video surveillance platform is an integrated management platform that integrates video surveillance systems, alarm systems, access control systems, and other subsystems, and its compatibility is particularly important. Based on this, the compatibility of products and system platforms is one of the important manifestations of the fusion concept.

Second, the open alarm monitoring platform is also complementary

It can be easily understood that the selection of each hardware module and function software constituting the system is not controlled by a single supplier. And can replace each other according to its function, reliability and performance requirements, without affecting the overall coordination of the system.

Again, interoperability

By providing standardized interfaces, communication, and interaction mechanisms, different functional modules can run on the system platform with standard application program interfaces and achieve equal interoperability and coordination. This is one of the characteristics of the alarm video monitoring platform.

Finally, portability

The function software of the system platform has nothing to do with the device, that is, the application of a unified data format, interaction model, and control mechanism, and the various functional modules that make up the system can be derived from different developers. Through a consistent device interface, each functional module can run on Different hardware platforms provided by different vendors. In addition to supporting its own software function modules, the alarm video monitoring platform can also integrate the functional software developed by developers of other functional modules, effectively satisfying the users' quest for portable systems with different functionalities.