·Guangdong's national five diesel replacement year can reduce sulfur emissions by 600 tons

Sinopec Guangdong Petroleum Branch announced on the 5th that the first batch of Sinopec oil storage in the 14 cities of the Pearl River Delta, which has implemented the national five diesel replacement, has completed the oil replacement, and will complete the diesel upgrade of the remaining seven cities before July 1 to achieve the supply to the province. Diesel. As a result, 600 tons of vehicle exhaust sulfur emissions can be reduced throughout the year.
Sinopec Guangdong Branch said that it will ensure the completion of the national five diesel replacement of more than 1,500 gas stations under 14 cities by April 1st, and supply the country's five diesel fuels to the province on July 1, two and a half years ahead of the national time limit. It will become the region with the widest range of high-grade oil products in China and the largest consumption.
During the replacement period, the price of the oil will remain unchanged, and the national five diesel and the national four diesel fuels can be mixed and filled.
Diesel consumption is higher than gasoline, and it is mostly used in large vehicles. Because of the high content of impurities, it is more likely to produce soot. This diesel replacement upgrade is of great significance for environmental protection.
It is understood that compared with the national four diesel, the sulfur content of the national five diesel oil decreased by 80%, according to the annual consumption of 15 million tons of diesel in Guangdong Province, the annual emission of sulfur emissions from automobile exhaust can be reduced by 600 tons.
Guangdong Province is the country's largest oil consumption market, accounting for about one-tenth of the country's gasoline and diesel consumption. Sinopec accelerated the oil upgrade in Guangdong. Prior to this, Sinopec had supplied the country's five-car gasoline to Guangdong Province in July 2014 and October 2014.

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