Hangzhou's latest diesel emission standard encounters

From July 1, Hangzhou officially implements the fourth phase of national vehicle emission standards (hereinafter referred to as “ National IV Standards ”), and newly purchased or transferred into Hangzhou's diesel vehicles and heavy-duty gasoline vehicles in Hangzhou (ie, a maximum total mass of 3.5 tons. The above gasoline vehicles must comply with the national IV standard to be on the card.

However, after a month and a half passed, the reporter found that there are still diesel vehicles on the Hangzhou market that have a National III emission standard. According to industry sources, the number of diesel vehicles that are still unlicensed is currently estimated at nearly 1,000. Although they have been registered in the vehicle management department, they are still looking for buyers. If you still fail to sell before the deadline for filing, you will face the dilemma that you will eventually be unable to get a license.

At the same time, because the official did not explicitly give the license term for the National III diesel vehicle, both the merchant and the consumer were in a wait-and-see attitude. The national IV diesel vehicle that had been sold was more expensive and diesel without national IV emission standards could be added. It is also facing the embarrassment of "satisfaction with soil and water".

Hangzhou Implements National IV Emission Standards on July 1

In June of this year, after being delayed twice in succession, the diesel vehicle IV emission standards finally finally came out across the country to formally begin implementation.

On June 27, the Hangzhou Environmental Protection Bureau and the Traffic Police Bureau of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau jointly issued a circular announcing that since July 1, 2013, diesel vehicles and heavy-duty gasoline vehicles newly purchased or transferred to Hangzhou in Hangzhou have been issued Gas vehicles with a mass of more than 3.5 tons must meet the national IV standards.

The circular stipulates that the diesel vehicle and heavy-duty petrol vehicles complying with the State III standard that have been purchased or signed a subscription agreement before July 1, 2013 will be completed by July 31st, 2013; Recently, the diesel vehicles and heavy-duty petrol vehicles complying with the State III standard that need to be transferred to Hangzhou have been transferred from other places. Motor vehicle owners can handle the transfer procedures by July 31. Since July 1, 2013, new purchases have been made. Or transfer to diesel vehicles and heavy-duty petrol vehicles that do not comply with the National IV standard in Hangzhou, the Municipal Environmental Protection Agency will not issue environmental protection inspection qualified marks. The Municipal Police Bureau of the Public Security Bureau will not apply for registration and transfer procedures.

This official notice indicates that Hangzhou has officially implemented the IV emission standards for diesel vehicles since July 1 this year.

Currently still in the national III card buffer period

Although the official announcement began, but considering that many dealers still have a number of State III diesel vehicles not digested, the competent authorities subsequently introduced a "community measures."

According to dealers, at the end of June, relevant departments of Hangzhou had done a summary survey and found that more than 2,000 diesel vehicles that did not meet the National IV standard were parked in the warehouses of many dealers. The environmental protection department has issued a document for everyone to make a report. As long as it is produced before July 1, it can still be on the card before August 1."

"But now it is already in mid-August, and the relevant authorities have not explicitly ordered the State III diesel vehicles to be sold on the Hangzhou brand. It is said that the reported vehicles can still be on the market." People familiar with the matter said that because the relevant departments have not informed everyone when The deadline for preparing the vehicle was too late, so everyone was confused. "I heard that at the end of July, there were nearly 1,000 vehicles in Hangzhou that were not on the market. It is estimated that they will wait."

National IV diesel car prices are generally expensive 5000-10000 yuan

It is reported that as early as July 1st after hearing the news, all commercial vehicle manufacturers have been thinking of ways to clean up their hand-carried National III diesel vehicles, and some have reduced their prices, while others have used various relationships to transfer vehicles to transit. Areas where the National IV emission standards are not implemented. There are simply first on the card, then later used as a new car sales.

Jin Zuofei, the general manager of Zhejiang Jiangling, said that the company had more than 300 vehicles of State III diesel cars waiting to be dealt with. However, after hard work, it has basically been fully digested by the end of July. “After July 1, all of our new cars will be completed. It is a car of the National IV standard. Of the new cars sold in July, 2/3 of them are National IV, and 100% of the cars sold in August are National IV.

“From June onwards, many customers refused to buy a National III car, and they were asked to buy a National IV because they said they were concerned that they would be in trouble after going on a licence, running a business permit, or transferring an old car.” Jin Zuofei believes that this shows everyone’s environmental protection. Consciousness is still very strong.

The head of the Landwind Automobile Zhejiang Wanjie 4S shop said that all the current Landwind III diesel vehicles have been sold out. Since the Landwind X6's national IV version has not yet been launched, the current sales of diesel vehicles is only Lufeng X8, and this When the car was listed on the market last year, it has already reached the State IV.

A person in charge of the 4S shop in Zhejiang Yitong said that there are still a number of Iveco diesels of the State III diesel. “If it does not sell well, the manufacturers will come to sell in other areas.”

It is understood that most of the State III diesel vehicles currently on the market in Hangzhou are light trucks, as well as some pickups, light passengers, commercial vehicles, etc., involving Futian, JAC, Dongfeng, Yuejin and other brands.

However, due to the increase in the cost of diesel vehicles that meet the National IV standard, many diesel vehicles have been sold at higher prices than they were in the past after switching to the National IV emission standard. According to industry insiders, the same model, the National IV standard car at least than the national standard III car expensive 5000-10000 yuan.

National IV diesel vehicles can only drink the country III diesel

What is even more embarrassing is that although the emission standards for diesel vehicles are required to meet the national IV standards, a reality that both car dealers and consumers must face is that there are currently no diesel supplies for the National IV emission standards in many places in China.

Taking the Zhejiang market as an example, the No.0 diesel and No.-10 diesel currently sold can only meet the National III emission standards. The staff of Sinopec Zhejiang Customer Service Center and a gas station in PetroChina City all stated that at present, Zhejiang does not have a National IV emission standard diesel supply, and when it can supply it, it has not received any notification.

It is said that the absence of National IV diesel is the main reason why diesel vehicle IV standards are repeatedly postponed. In addition, once the national IV emission standard is implemented, diesel vehicles using common-rail technology must be equipped with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction), and SCR must be added to the gas station to add urea. However, at present, no urea is set in domestic highway gas stations. Supply point.

The lack of oil has also caused confusion for sales. Zhang Zhong, director of the Jianghuai automobile handsome bell brand southeast region, revealed that at present, not only consumers are waiting and seeing, but dealers are also waiting to see. “They are afraid to get into the manufacturers. For the most part, the truck market in Zhejiang has been quite bleak.”

It is reported that in addition to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and other cities have begun to promote the National IV diesel, other cities are still in the "drink" the national standard III diesel.

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