· Hebi City Automotive Electronics Industry Group preparation work mobilization meeting was successfully held

On November 26, the mobilization meeting for the preparation of the “Hebi Automobile Electronics Industry Group” was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the municipal government. Liu Hongwei, deputy secretary general of the municipal government, Liang Yanru, director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Zhang Jingtang, chairman of Tianhai Group, and party committee of Tianhai Group Secretary Yang Yongjun and Tianhai Group Administrative Personnel Director Ding Yuanqi attended the meeting and sat at the podium. More than 70 companies in the city's automotive electronics and electrical appliances were mainly responsible for the participants.
At the meeting, Ding Yuanqi, the administrative personnel director of Tianhai Group, introduced in detail the principles, implementation steps and development plan of the Hebi Automobile Electronics Industry Group. Yang Yongjun, Party Secretary of the Group, introduced the positioning, purpose and development model of the industrial group. Zhang Jingtang, Chairman of the Group He delivered an important speech on the theme of "cohesion of industrial forces and responsibility for Hebi."
Finally, on how to more effectively and more effectively promote the formation of industrial groups, Deputy Secretary-General Liu Hongqi combined with the national industrial policy, the characteristics of the development of the automotive electronics industry and the reality of Hebi, from unifying thoughts, raising awareness; clarifying responsibilities and doing a good job; The progress and full progress of the three aspects made an important speech, affirmed the achievements of the Tianhai Group in recent years, and made arrangements for the promotion of the next stage of the industrial group.

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