Henan Engine Shake-free Starter Project Officially Established and Expected to Be Put into Production in May

Diesel engines without electronic starting devices can also be easily started. A few days ago, the diesel shake-out starter project invented by Xu Shijun, an engineer of Xiangyang No. 2 Light Industrial Company, and owned a national patent, was formally established and is expected to be put into operation in May.

The single-cylinder diesel engine widely used in rural areas and industrial and mining enterprises, most of which are started by hand, is both laborious and dangerous. The increase in the number of migrant workers working in rural areas, and the busy season, especially in the winter, has started diesel engines as a nuisance for farmers. The use of electronic ignition to start is not only costly, but also has a limited lifespan. Waste batteries will also have an impact on the environment.

Mechanical watches gave Xu Shijun inspiration. After 15 years of painstaking research and thousands of tests, the company finally developed a diesel engine starter that uses no electricity, no fuel, pure machinery, low cost, and long life. The equipment is simple to install, easy to operate, only need three or five seconds to start the diesel engine, successfully obtained national patents.

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