HPRT can be widely used in petroleum refining hydrogenation units with long-term economic benefits

With more than 100 years of experience and innovation, ICL integrated compressors are a proven compression solution for upstream, midstream and downstream non-corrosive gas applications with power up to 15 MW. The integrated compressor has the following features: Emissions, high efficiency and stability, operating range is much larger than traditional solutions, fast start/stop power supply, low maintenance requirements, low operating costs, and GE's ecomagination certification after completing a rigorous environmental and usage assessment.

DVS high efficiency pump. Leading pipeline application design with higher performance and less environmental impact. The DVS centrifugal pump is the latest generation of products that use proven GE technology to increase performance while reducing costs and environmental impact. Compared to the previous generation, the DVS centrifugal pump is designed to be 34% more efficient and has a flow rate of up to 10,000 m3 per hour. Most DVS pumps are driven by electric motors, which greatly reduce the operator's electricity costs and correspondingly reduce carbon dioxide emissions during power generation. DVS high-efficiency pumps have passed very rigorous testing and quality certification, and these will be included in GE's ecomagination program, enabling our products, services and ideas to receive better business and environmental results.

The HPRT is rotated by the high-pressure liquid energy generated in the process, and the main pump is driven together with the electric motor as an auxiliary driving device. The HPRT can be widely applied to a petroleum refining hydrogenation unit and a decarburization or desulfurization unit of a large-scale ammonia plant. It is an energy-saving device with long-term economic benefits.

Injection molding is a widely used molding process for thermoplastics. Some thermosets and elastomers are injection molded when equipment is modified and operating parameters allow for the cross-linking of materials.

It's possible to create complex, intricate shapes with injection molding. It requires designing and fabricating a mold whose cavity has the same geometry as the original part. It must also allow for part removal. Part sizes range from 50 grams (2 ounces) to 25 kilograms (55 pounds). Heavier items made using injection molding include automobile bumpers and refrigerator doors.

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