Industrial robot industry development will accelerate again

The main purpose of industrial robots is to replace human labor for production labor. It is the main production technology and equipment for industrial automation. It has experienced a relatively prosperous development in the previous industrialization process of western developed countries, but it is currently dominated by China. The transformation of industrial automation in the development of the country has once again brought about the rapid development of the industrial robot industry.
The essence of the birth of industrial robots is to replace the manpower for heavy physical labor. In fact, although it is currently widely used in military applications, the realization of large-scale robot applications is still in the field of industrial production. The overall application development did not violate the original intention.
As is known to all, developed countries in Europe and the United States have long completed the process of industrialization. Although the promotion of re-industry policies is now carried out, this is only a measure to avoid the hollowing out of domestic economic development. In the process of industrialization, industrial automation production is also a process that has been experienced in the above regions. The world's first practical application of industrial robots is on the production line of American auto companies. Industrial robots have experienced a large-scale application in these areas, but with the development of the world, the industrial robot industry has once again ushered in a boom. period.
Nowadays, manufacturing developing countries headed by China, in order to comply with the overall trend of future manufacturing development, are increasing the automation application of production, and the relative industrial robot application is also essential. After all, in the overall manufacturing environment, industrial robots exist most of the time as direct performers. At present, only one country in China enjoys the title of world factory in the world. In the process of automation, the demand for industrial robots will be fast in Shanghai, which has a huge industry market.
At present, the number of robots in service in China has accounted for about 8% of the global total, and the total demand for robots in the Chinese market will be around 35,000 in the next few years. From a small perspective, the Asian region is currently one of the fastest growing regions in the global manufacturing industry. With the implementation of the re-industrialization policy in Europe and the United States, no matter what the original intention is based on, the overall demand for the robot market will only increase. Under the temptation of various factors, the development speed of the industrial robot industry will once again accelerate, and enter the second booming development period in history, or it will be more fierce than the first wave.

Handling Equipment

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Handling Equipment

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