Innovative technology into machine tool industry killer

Innovative technology into machine tool industry killer After entering the transformation period, the rhythm of the development of the machine tool industry has changed, and the innovation of technological processes has become the main trend. The market demand for machine tools has turned more to high-precision and intelligent products such as CNC machine tools, and the overall market sales growth has slowed.

According to statistics, there are 2023 enterprises in China's machine tool industry, of which 959 are state-owned enterprises, accounting for 47.4% of the total; 758 are private enterprises, accounting for 37.5%; 306 are foreign-funded enterprises, accounting for 15.1%; the total assets of the industry are up to 1175 Billion yuan, owns 520,000 employees.

The specific progress of the machine tool industry's competitiveness is that the production value output has grown at a rapid rate and the economic benefits have been significantly improved; the development speed of CNC machine tools is higher than the average growth rate of the industry.

Experts believe that after the "Eleventh Five-Year" rapid development, although our CNC machine tool industry has begun to take shape and has achieved remarkable results in independent innovation, the international status of the industry has been significantly improved, but we should also see The problems that restrict the development of the industry still exist: First, technological progress is lagging behind; second, the development approach focuses on scale expansion. Wu Bolin told the author that the basic characteristics of the machine tool industry at this stage are big but not strong. The main contradiction is that the accelerated upgrading of the domestic market demand structure is incompatible with the industry's supply capacity. At present, the society’s technological innovation and awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection have risen unprecedentedly. Under the influence of the dual factors of the deceleration of growth rate and the adjustment of the structure and mode of the whole society, the market demand structure is accelerating. This will inevitably bring about the need for upgrading of manufacturing equipment. This point can be well verified from the import statistics in 2011.

According to statistics from the Machine Tool Association, China’s imports of machine tool products increased rapidly in 2011 with imports of US$20.3 billion, a year-on-year increase of 29%. Wu Bolin pointed out that the current situation in which China's economic growth depends on exports and investment has not fundamentally changed, but the growth momentum of these two aspects has obviously declined. It can be expected that macroeconomic growth will slow down in the coming period, and the demand for machine tool products will also slow down.

Statistics show that the import of China's machine tool products has increased rapidly in 2011. In the first three quarters, the cumulative import of machine tool products was US$ 15.27 billion, which was a 38.5% year-on-year increase. Of which, metal processing machine tools imported 9.91 billion US dollars, an increase of 51.4%. Due to the surge in imports, the market share of domestic metalworking machine tools and CNC machine tools has dropped significantly.

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