Intel Launches 3G Smart Snake Bracelet

The new bracelet will debut at New York Fashion Week. The new bracelet has smart communication accessories, attractive appearance and 3G cellular connection, so the bracelet does not need to keep in touch with the smartphone.
The 3G smart snakeskin wristband was designed by Humberto Leon and Carollin. The mica cuff accessories are covered with snakeskin and semi-precious stones such as obsidian and lapis. Intel offers two styles of 3G smart snake skin bracelets, one is a white snake skin and a black snake skin, and is equipped with different gems.
It is reported that the bracelet has a 1.6-inch sapphire glass Intel XMM6321 touch screen, 3G cellular wireless relay SMS, and it can also display calendar reminders. The bracelet will be sold as an opening product. Its weight and price are still not disclosed by the company, but the company stated that it will officially launch 3G Smart Snake Bracelet through some Barnes and opening day.
At the same time, Intel announced that at the 2014 CES opening ceremony, it will also launch cooperative smart earbuds that can measure the heart rate of runners.

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