Iron lithium mica

First, the composition and structure
K(LiFeAl)[AlSi 3 O 10 ](OHF) 2 usually contains elements such as Na, Rb, Sr, Ba, Ca, and Mn. Jiangxi South wolframite quartz veins output zinnwaldite containing Li 2 O 3.26%, SiO 2 39.50%, Al 2 O 3 24.25%, K 2 O 9.49%, FeO 10.99%, Fe 2 O 3 4.89% MnO 1.99%, Na 2 O 0.85%, F 5.27%, H 2 O 1.78%. The mineral is a monoclinic system.
  Second, the materialized nature
The crystals are in the shape of a pseudo-hexagonal plate, often produced as a scaly aggregate. The cleavage (001) is extremely complete, the sheet is elastic, the hardness is 2 to 3, the relative density is 2.9 to 3.2, taupe, yellowish brown, and sometimes light green or dark green. Glass luster, cleavage surface is pearly, translucent to opaque.
    Third, the identification features
Iron lithium mica differs from muscovite, biotite and lithium mica in its color. The exact identification requires chemical analysis.
    Fourth, the birthplace and origin
Iron lithium mica is produced in granitic pegmatites, granites and quartz veins containing black tungsten ore, cassiterite and topaz , and is symbiotic with the above minerals. The production areas include Hunan Linwu, Jiangxi Wanyuan and Jiangxi Hailuoling.

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