Jiangsu requires provincial leadership to conduct basic research for at least two months each year

Jiangsu requires provincial leaders to investigate diesel generators for at least two months every year | Diesel Generator Price / 2013-01-10

The improvement of Jiangsu's style of work focuses on grounding gas (the beginning of the implementation of the spirit of the 18th National Congress).
Provincial leadership survey at least two months per year
Recently, the construction of the first three-span continuous suspension bridge in China, the opening of the Nanjing No. 4 Yangtze River Bridge, and the Jiangsu Provincial Nominated Cultural Project, the Jiangsu Grand Theatre, was started. The lively foundation laying ceremony and opening ceremony ceremony of the past has become a field survey conducted by the leaders to the frontline condolences to the constructors and the inspection of the construction of the project. The Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee has issued ten specific regulations on improving work style and in close contact with the masses. From the aspects of improving investigations and research, solving problems in people’s livelihood, streamlining meeting documents, and upholding integrity, the provincial leaders have made specific demands for further improvement of their work style.
The Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee requires that the provincial leaders’ comrades visit the grassroots level for no less than two months each year; at the same time, they must adhere to and improve the leading cadres’ visit and visits system, and arrange a survey every 5-7 days per year to stay at the same level as the people. Labor is more practical in handling public opinion, solving people's concerns, and improving people's livelihood.
The "ten regulations" of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee were quickly responded to by the party committees of 13 provincial cities. Jiang Hongkun, member of the Standing Committee of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Suzhou Municipal Party Committee, visited the grassroots to investigate and earnestly record what he saw, what he was doing, and what he was feeling at the grassroots level, forming a detailed “Diary of the People”. Zhu Yangyang, the mayor of Yangzhou, expressed publicly on behalf of the government in his government work report that improving the style of work, in particular, respecting the pioneering spirit of the masses and intensifying the development of practical results. In Suhong County, Sihong County, every cadre wears a red work card, “lead public identity” and “let the people know who I am” on the working day and during official activities. The office’s uniform suspension includes names and positions. The publicity cards such as telephone calls and destinations are convenient for the masses.
Changing the style of work focuses on the "grounding gas," and the people first feel it. Wu Bingying, a Xuzhou citizen, worked in elementary school for many years and has never been able to handle social security. After Wu Bingying had left a message in Xuzhou's newly established “zero barrier to the masses” message platform, the District Culture, Education and Sports Bureau helped her run the social security and paid compensation for her.
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