Kongsberg Evotec receives order for deck handling system

Recently, Kongsberg Marivo, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime, has received an order for the complete rear deck treatment system for Sanco Sword, the second 16-streamer geological exploration vessel of Sanco Shipping.
It is reported that the ship is being built by Kleven Maritime's Myklebust shipyard and will be operated by Dolphin Geophysical in Bergen, Norway.

Tower Grain Dryer

Advanced technology: it passes the inspection and acceptance of the national expert group, remains the technology leader in China, and reaches the
advanced level of the world's corm drying technology;
O Strong operability and high degree of automation;
All-metal structure, modular construction and easy installation and maintenance;
O High heat utilization, using a multi-stage temperature-varying drying technology;
Large processing capacity (200-2000t/d), large moisture reduction at a time (2- 22%) and strong adaptability;
Adopting the multi-section drying process of "downstream drying--tempering.. counter flow drying--tempering-counter flow and downstream cooling", so
that corn grains are heated evenly. Sufficient tempering is conducive to the outward spread of moisture inside the corn. lts activity will not be affected,
ensuring the quality after drying

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