Kony participates in the "Love Passing and Regeneration Computer Classroom" charity project

Kony participates in the "Love Passing and Regeneration Computer Classroom" charity project

Kony participated in the project “Love Passing and Recreating Computer Classrooms” initiated and implemented by Shanghai Zhonggu Public Welfare Youth Development Center (referred to as “Zhonggu Public Welfare”). The project mobilized all sectors of the community to donate electronic equipment such as used computers, and standardized regeneration by professional organizations to help build computer classrooms in rural schools in poor areas.

On June 26th, 2014, the “Love Transfer & Regeneration Computer Classroom” charity event entered the Chong Kong Boarding Primary School in Pingluo County, Ningxia, and a “Love Passing and Recreating Computer Class” was officially launched. This is a computer classroom that integrates the concepts of "public welfare, environmental protection, and circular economy" and is full of love. After the old computer from Konecranes Crane Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was regenerated through the professional specifications of Zhonggu Public Welfare, it had a second life. They will continue to serve the teachers and students in the countryside with excellent and stable performance; meanwhile, the Konecranes cranes True love was passed on to the children.

Children show proudly their first computer work

Newly-arranged computer classrooms, computers from Konecranes will enter the information age with children in the village

The students very much welcomed the arrival of these "new partners" and actively arranged computer classrooms, tables and chairs, cleaning, and placing computers. On the day of the activity, the children listened carefully. Under the guidance of the teacher and with the assistance of the volunteers around them, they could quickly use Word to create a Tang poem and write their own wishes. They could draw their hearts in the drawing software. Home, draw beautiful flowers. During the team play time, the volunteers mixed up with the children and worked together to make "windmills" using waste newspapers and tapes. The playground cheers as the four huge windmills magically roll up in the midst of nearly 20 members each.

Kony donated 25 HP HP-6910P laptops, 25 HP power adapters, 25 Samsung mice, and 25 Logitech mouse pads.

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