LED lighting output value will expand to 4 billion crisis next year

China's lighting industry started from the early 1980s. After 30 years of rapid, stable and sustained development, it has grown from a small industry with an initial production value of less than 10 billion yuan to a total annual production value of 350 billion yuan in 2011. industry. In the meantime, even with the cyclical adjustment of the Chinese economy, the Chinese lighting industry has basically maintained a double-digit growth momentum. In 2013, the output value of the LED lighting market will accelerate. With the lowest retail price of LED bulbs replacing 40-watt incandescent lamps reaching US$10, the industry is optimistic that the overall LED lighting market will see a significant increase in output value next year, and relevant supply chain manufacturers have Opportunity is dimmed.

Zhou Xuejun, director of marketing for Philips Lumileds Asia, pointed out that with the gradual decline in the price of LED bulbs and the help of national government policies, the LED lighting market is expected to accelerate in the next year. Next year, the LED lighting industry will continue to grow stronger. There are three major kinetic energy factors: LED bulb price decline, national government policy support and green energy concept. Among them, the price of the pro-people will be the most direct factor affecting the growth of the LED lighting market, including general The market output value of indoor replacement bulbs, outdoor street lights and office lights is expected to increase significantly.

Zhou Xuejun further pointed out that in addition to the replacement of 40W incandescent LED bulbs retail price has reached a sweet price, the price of LED bulbs replacing 60W incandescent lamps next year is also very good to reduce the price acceptable to the average consumer, and because of the high total illuminance, It is more suitable to play the role of indoor main lighting, so its shipments and market penetration are more expected by the industry.

However, although the price reduction of LED bulbs has accelerated the expansion of the market, it has also caused the related supply chain operators to shrink their gross profit. Therefore, how to compete for more orders to expand revenue growth has become the focus of the industry's breakthrough. Zhou Xuejun believes that taking the LED lighting industry as an example, it is bound to launch matching products in different application markets in order to meet customer expectations and needs. The strategy of small profits but quick turnover will first expand the overall market size and then further move towards high gross profit margin. The product is moving forward.

On the other hand, the progress of LED streetlights in mainland China in the first half of 2012 was not as good as expected, mainly due to the unsatisfactory subsidy policy and the impact of the European debt crisis, which led to the heavy losses of Taiwanese LED lighting manufacturers. With the subsidy of the Chinese government subsidy, and the recent success of the political succession, it is expected that the LED lighting market opportunity in 2013 is expected to reach RMB 4 billion.

LED lighting products have the characteristics of small size, high luminous efficiency, long life, easy control, and many changes. The development space in the field of lighting is huge, but the current LED lighting products have not played the characteristics of LED, which is basically the traditional lighting products. Replica. Future products should give full play to the characteristics of easy-to-control LEDs. LED lighting is an electronic product. Its design, manufacturing and application will be very different from the original lighting products. The products will rely on function, fashion and differentiation to win. The market will make great changes through close cooperation between enterprises and distributors, strengthening service, and product manufacturing and marketing.

The industry recommends that despite the transformation of LED lighting in the context of energy conservation and environmental protection, opportunities and risks coexist, companies should learn to protect themselves.

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