Maintenance Talk about "Four Don'ts" in Car Maintenance

1. Do not use tires, nuts, and nuts for oil wheel repairs. A few private car owners are trying to prevent rusty nuts and bolts on the wheels from being rusted. When installing them, they ingeniously paint the nuts and bolts with oil. They do not know that this is not only an error, but also brings traffic safety. Certain hidden dangers. After bolts and nuts are tightened, they have self-locking characteristics. When the lubricant is applied, the self-locking coefficient between the two becomes smaller and the self-locking performance decreases. When the car is driving at a high speed, bolts and nuts are easily loosened or even dropped off, causing a traffic accident.

2. Do not wash the interior of the car with water until the summer arrives. Common car owners wash their bodies with water while wiping them with a rag. It is necessary to remind private car owners that the interior of the car body should not be flushed directly with water. Because the underside of the floor rubber pad in the cab is not "a flat surface," the structural requirements make the underside of the cab floor pad have many recesses and through holes. After rinsing with water, it is either deposited in the groove and does not dry easily, or flows from the through hole to parts such as the gearbox to cause rust. In particular, cars with better sealing performance cannot wash the interior of the vehicle directly with water. The correct method is to wipe with a wet rag, but to avoid accumulation of water.

3. Do not mix coolants of different brands. Everyone knows that engine coolant should be added in time, but do you use different brands of coolant together? If so, advise you to release the coolant as soon as possible and re-add the same brand of coolant. Because different brands of coolants may have very different chemical properties, such as antiseptics that are effective against ferrous metals, they are often corrosive to aluminum products, while the preservatives that are suitable for Altai Gold are harmful to ferroalloys. Because different brands of coolants use different preservatives, they cannot be mixed.

4. Do not step on the accelerator when the EFI car starts, step on the throttle before starting the engine, it is a habit of many drivers, especially when the cold car starts in winter. However, this starting method does not apply to EFI cars. The engine equipped with an electronically controlled fuel injection device is different from an ordinary carburetor type engine. Its fuel injection control device can automatically adjust the fuel supply according to the temperature and operating conditions of the engine so that the engine can be started smoothly, that is, when the cold car starts. The fuel injection control device can automatically increase the fuel supply. Therefore, when the engine of the EFI sedan is started, there is no need to step on the accelerator, and it is even more urgent not to step on the engine before starting the engine. Otherwise, the engine start is not good.

Online Inspection System

DNDT series industrial online inspection radiography system usually applies with leading C-arm structure, it always transmits workpiece into lead room by table roller, and also can connects with workpiece production line to be flow inspection, with cooperation between X-ray and industrial TV, users can view real time inspection images directly, which can easier judge appearance and type of failure, then finish saving and processing for the picture to improve its definition.

As most important part of radiography system-image intensifier/flat panel detector, we applies with products which manufactures by famous France Thales/Pelkinelmer, varian company, it not only has advantages of high resolution and low noise, but also with characteristic of big dynamic range which can offer reliable image information for users.

Electrical controlling unit is an intelligent controlling system which with core of PLC, it matches with servo driver and rotation coder which can finish relative inspection procedure and collects images by manual/ semi-auto modes after diameter alignment of different workpiece models.

Online Inspection System

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