Miner duties

1. Under the leadership of Duanchang, organize the whole class, stick to the post, and conscientiously complete the tasks within the scope of the duties of the shift.
2. Familiar with the process flow of this section and various equipment operation rules, and be able to command production flexibly and effectively, improve the production index of this class, and create favorable conditions for production in the next and next sections.
3. Seriously organize pre-class and post-class meetings, do a good job in safe and civilized production, labor discipline, arrange work tasks on duty, and summarize work on duty.
4. When electrical and equipment failures occur in production, the on-duty personnel should be actively organized to cooperate with the electromechanical repair personnel to repair and timely report to the higher authorities.
5. Responsible for the implementation of various rules and regulations within the factory.
6. Responsible for the production and operation procedures, equipment operating procedures, safe operating procedures and rules and regulations for the employees of this class. If they find violations of rules and regulations, they must be handled according to the system.
7. Responsible for the economic accounting of the class and the distribution of wages within the class.
8. Complete the tasks assigned by the factory leaders.

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