NE3402S three-wire integrated vibration transmitter

Chapter 1 Overview
1,1 Introduction
The NE3402S three-wire integrated vibration transmitter is designed and manufactured based on the occasions used under harsh environmental conditions. Please select products according to site conditions.
The NE3502T three-wire integrated vibration transmitter integrates a piezoelectric sensor and a precision measurement circuit to implement the functions of the traditional "sensor + signal conditioner" and "sensor + monitoring instrument" modes of vibration measurement system. Economical high-precision vibration monitoring system.

1, 2 working principle
NE3402S transmitter (hereinafter referred to as the transmitter) has built-in MSMS piezoelectric element sensing vibration speed, through high-precision integrated circuit will convert acceleration to speed peak / RMS; then the peak speed / effective value is converted to the corresponding range of 4 ~ 20mA Current output for easy remote display and control; ideal for connecting to DCS, PLC and data acquisition systems.

1, 3 Performance Characteristics 1 Excellent frequency response, high measurement accuracy, stable and reliable, strong anti-interference ability;
2 high temperature resistance, impact resistance, waterproof, dustproof, suitable for harsh environments;
3 patented low-power, high-stability measuring circuit, fully integrated process, ensuring a linear high-accuracy 4~20mA current output corresponding to vibration speed;
4MEMS piezoelectric core, integrated structure, durable;
5 kinds of installation, connection type, a variety of vibration range, to meet the requirements of various occasions.

Chapter 2 Composition and Function of NE3402S Transmitter
2, 1 & NE3402S transmitter shape (see Figure 2-1)

Figure 2-1-A protective box outlet type

Figure 2-22-1-B Aviation Plug Outlet Type

2、&nbsp2&nbspNE3402S Transmitter Function
The NE3402S transmitter is installed on the surface of the machine and directly senses the vibration of the machine's housing and converts its vibration into a corresponding amount of current output of 4 to 20 mA. Accuracy: 2% of full scale and maximum load resistance of 500 ohms.
Chapter 3 Technical Specifications and Specifications of NE3402S Transmitter
3、&nbsp1&nbspNE3402S transmitter technical specifications power supply: +24±15%Vdc power supply, maximum power consumption 0.5W;
Measuring range: 0~20mm/s; (any optional range)
Frequency range: 10 ~ 1000Hz; -3db;
Sensitive direction: axial, arbitrary direction / angle installation;
Transverse sensitivity: ≤ 3%;
Electrical isolation: 500Vrms, circuit and housing isolation;
Current output: standard 4 ~ 20mA output;
(Proportional to the effective value of measuring vibration speed) Accuracy: ±2%; (Maximum load: 500Ω)
Impact limit: 1000g;
Quality: 0.2Kg;
Protection class: IP67
Use environment: -30 ~ 70 °C;
Relative humidity: no more than 95%, no condensation.

3、&nbsp2 &nbspNE3402S Transmitter Model Specifications
&nbspA &nbspB &nbspC &nbspD &nbspE
NE &nbsp3402S - - - -

Chapter 4 Installation
4. 1 Transmitter Installation The appearance and installation method of the transmitter is shown in the following figure (4-1).
Open an M8*1.0 threaded hole (or custom thread) on the outer casing of the machine and rotate the transmitter clockwise into the corresponding threaded hole; until the thread is fully tightened (the transmitter is fully integrated with the machine housing) .
â—† Install the transmitter X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) as far as possible according to the site installation conditions;
â—† Seal all outlet holes to ensure that there is no moisture condensation and water vapor intrusion into the transmitter;
◆ The ambient temperature of the installation location should be -40 ~ 100 °C;

Figure 4-1 Installation of the protective box
a) The transmitter electrical connection 1 must use the special cable that our company configures;
2 wiring specifications should meet the site requirements, such as corrosion resistance, high temperature and so on;
3 In order to ensure the maximum isolated electrical noise of the transmitter; to avoid interference with large signal cables and transmitter cables and to run the line;
4 Sealed cable lead-in holes to prevent moisture in the transmitter;
5 Transmitter wiring; when the transmitter is out, all the cables and outlet terminals are marked one by one, and the terminals with the same identification code are connected with the cable;
Two-wire European terminal outlets are defined as follows:
Pin ID Line Header Header Name
1 Red Line +24V
2 Yellow Line&nbspCOM
3 Green Line Iout

6 wiring instructions:

7 It is forbidden to install the wiring with live power, and the wire head can't be loosened firmly;
Chapter 5 Use and Maintenance
5,1 use
1) Before using the NE3402S transmitter, check that the wiring is in good condition;
&nbsp2) Verify that the transmitter power supply should be +24V ± 15% VDC;
3) When the transmitter is powered on, the output current should be around 4.00 mn at no vibration;
& nbsp4) The measured machine vibration, the transmitter output should correspond to the linear 4 ~ 20mA current output;
5, 2 maintenance
& nbsp1) During the inspection, before the transmitter opens the protective cover, the power must be cut off to ensure the safety of the equipment.
It is strictly forbidden to open and cover inspection work! ! !
& nbsp2) Check whether the connection between the terminal and the terminal is tight, and then close the protective cover after completely tightening.
5, 3 Causes and Causes of Malfunctions Symptom Cause Analysis Processing Method Detected Incorrectly Received Data Detected Signals Exceeding Product Detection Range Check whether product range is consistent with actual field conditions (DCS, PLC settings). Whether the head is connected well and the fastening head meets the wiring requirements, re-tighten the connection head and the connection

5,4 Other matters
1) Factory Random List: 1 set of NE3402S transmitter (complete accessories for cable and locking device)
"Product Specification" 1
1 Product Inspection Report
"Product Certificate of Conformity" 1
2) When the user can not solve the problem of the transmitter, you can contact our company, we will serve you for the first time.

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