Non-metallic pressure vessel permit system implemented

The first non-metallic pressure vessel design and manufacturing license field experience exchange meeting sponsored by the China Industrial Anticorrosion Technology Association will be held in Nantong, Jiangsu Province from September 22nd to 24th. The meeting will exchange the non-metallic pressure vessel design and manufacturing licensing system, the industry companies how to obtain evidence and other issues as soon as possible.

Non-metallic pressure vessels include graphite pressure vessels, fiber-reinforced thermosetting resin pressure vessels, all-plastic pressure vessels, and mobile non-metallic pressure vessels. These are special equipment that relates to people’s life and property safety, and have been incorporated into the “Special” issued by the State Council. The "Safety Supervision Ordinance" implements mandatory safety supervision and management. In addition, the State General Administration of Quality Supervision issued a corresponding “Supervision Regulations for Safety of Non-Metallic Pressure Vessels”, which stipulates that all units engaged in the design and manufacture of non-metallic pressure vessels must obtain corresponding design and manufacturing licenses.

In order to assist non-metallic pressure vessel design and manufacturing companies to do a good job of this work, obtain special equipment design and manufacturing licenses as soon as possible, and pass evidence to enhance international competitiveness, this meeting will summarize experience in exchanging design and manufacturing licenses for non-metallic pressure vessels. At the same time, the company’s quality assurance engineers were trained to discuss matters concerning the change of the Association’s graphite product professional committee to the organizational adjustment of the non-metallic pressure vessel professional committee. The meeting received strong support from the Bureau of Special Equipment Safety Supervision of the State Administration of Quality Supervision. At present, all preparations have been basically completed.

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