Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump Features

Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump Features

The oil-sealing vacuum pump is characterized by an oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pump with large pumping speed, small volume, high ultimate vacuum, and low working noise. This type of oil-sealed vacuum pump has the important function of oil, which has three functions of sealing, lubrication, and cooling.

At present, oil-sealed vacuum pumps can be classified into four types: fixed-plate type, rotary-plate type, slide valve type, and trochoidal type. Pumps that obtain vacuum equipment in China are oil-sealed vacuum pumps, which can not only be used as exhaust for low-vacuum equipment. The pump can also be used as a foreline vacuum pump for high vacuum exhaust. The oil seal type mechanical vacuum pumps widely used in the vacuum industry are mostly medium and small rotary vane pumps and medium and large-sized slide valve pumps. Based on these characteristics, it has played an increasingly important role in many sectors of China's economy. Since the oil-sealed vacuum pumps are equipped with gas ballasts, it is also possible to extract moist gases. However, it is not suitable for the removal of oxygen-rich, explosive, corrosive ferrous metals, chemical substances acting on the pump sealing oil, and gases containing particulate dust.

At present, with the rapid development of China's economy, the demand for vacuum pumps is increasing in the industrial field. Many research institutes and manufacturers are designing and manufacturing oil seal vacuum pump series that extract water vapor and corrosion resistance. With the development and application of new technologies and materials, a variety of oil-sealed vacuum pumps with better performance that can meet various industrial needs and have strong adaptability will be produced. With the help of these devices, China’s industrial industry will surely have a bright future.

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