Placement and use of numerical control equipment

The reservoirs in the Shang 3 area of ​​Shanghe Oilfield are complex in structure, poor in reservoir properties and low in permeability, and are typical low-infiltration complex small fault block reservoirs. At present, the area manages 115 oil wells, 75 water wells, daily liquid level 800t, daily oil level 240t; oil well average daily liquid 6. 9 t, single well average daily oil 2. 1t, 20% oil well liquid volume is lower than 2. 0t, these oil wells are difficult to manage in production, the oil pump efficiency is low, the test power diagram shows insufficient liquid supply, and the improvement of oil well supply and discharge relationship becomes the key.

2 tower type numerical control pumping unit application 2. 1 tower type numerical control pumping unit structure tower type numerical control pumping unit consists of three parts: basic part, tower part and transmission part. The transmission part includes: a mechanical system and a control system. The mechanical system consists of a motor, a speed reduction mechanism, a wheel set and a balancing mechanism; the control system consists of a frequency conversion control cabinet and a wireless operator. The tower type CNC pumping unit omits the four-link transmission mechanism compared with the conventional beam pumping unit, and is mainly composed of an upper platform, a tower, a base, a guide wheel and a control system.

2. The working principle of 2 tower type CNC pumping unit The tower type numerical control pumping unit is based on the characteristics of the reciprocating linear operation of the underground pumping pump. The computer program is used to control the automatic reversing of the motor, and the deceleration mechanism is driven to realize the up and down operation of the polished rod. To complete the convulsion of the oil. One end of the hoisting rope is connected to the polished rod by a suspension rope, and the other end is connected with the weight box to form a balance system of the balance structure.

2. Application of 3 tower type CNC pumping unit May 19th, 20th and June 5th, 2006 in the oil wells S13-38, S13-55, S13-101, S13-76, S13 - 59 five-well oil well trial "Tower-type CNC pumping unit produced by Beijing Chengqun Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd., its model is CYJSKZ12- 6- 19BD, dragging 15KW motor, using frequency conversion control cabinet. Up to now, 5 wells pumping The oil machine equipment is in good condition, normal operation, no faulty production, and can meet the needs of production. In the course of use, the equipment has the following advantages.

2. The long stroke of the CYJSKZ12-6-14BD tower type CNC pumping unit is 6m, the minimum stroke is 0. 5min - 1, stroke, stroke It can be steplessly adjusted, challenging the limits of the maximum stroke and minimum stroke of conventional pumping units. In production, the upper stroke can be controlled to reduce the amount of leakage by controlling the frequency of the up and down strokes. The lower stroke of the lower stroke can increase the fullness of the pump. The pumping efficiency of the five wells is 1. 55 times that of the beam pumping unit. . In addition, the tower type CNC pumping unit has small acceleration when commutating, which reduces the serpentine bending and elastic deformation of the polished rod. The long stroke and low stroke reduce the eccentric wear of the rod tube and prolong the service life of the rod and tube. Five oil wells were operated for 4 years. During the operation, the probability of detecting the pump due to partial grinding was reduced. The average pumping cycle of the five wells was extended by 125 days compared with before use.

2. 3. 2 The mechanical transmission efficiency is high, and the energy-saving effect is remarkable. The tower type CNC pumping unit replaces the traditional four-bar linkage mechanism with the gear pulley transmission. The structure is simple and the mechanical efficiency is over 90%. The tower type CNC pumping unit is connected to the suspension rope and the light rod through one end of the wire rope, and the other end is connected with the weight box to form a structural balance. The potential energy when the polished rod is descended is stored, and is released when the polished rod is ascended. The balance can be finely adjusted to over 95%, and the reactive power loss is greatly reduced. In addition, the electronic control part of the machine adopts frequency conversion technology, and the motor is in operation. The voltage varies with the downhole load, which also reduces the power consumption of the motor. The five devices have an average daily power consumption of 105 kWh since the start of use, which is 34 kWh per day compared to the average beam pumping unit.

2. 3. 3 The production and maintenance workload is small, and the labor intensity is reduced. When the well is being repaired, the pumping unit does not need to move the whole machine, and the displacement of the guide wheel can be completed manually. The pumping unit counterweight can be unloaded by itself without the need for other lifting equipment. In daily life, the tower type CNC pumping unit can adjust the stroke, stroke, anti-shock distance, and bump pump at any time according to the working conditions of the oil well. These tasks can be completed by wireless operation, which is convenient, time-saving and labor-saving. . The balance rate is easy to adjust. The balance rate adjustment of the equipment is realized by adjusting the weight in the weight box. The weight box can be manually lowered to the lowest point. After opening the weight box door, the quartz sand or iron block is added or reduced. ! When the machine fails, the terminal display in the inverter control cabinet can directly display and store the downtime and direct causes, and it is convenient to judge and eliminate the fault. ? The brake system of the tower pumping unit uses electromagnetic electric brake technology. When the "stop" button is pressed or the circuit is suddenly powered off, the control circuit of the brake system of the machine loses magnetism and the brake acts to realize stable and reliable braking of the pumping unit; when the load of the oil well rod suddenly increases, the machine can implement automatic protection and shutdown. . The tower type CNC pumping unit has only 6 oil filling points, which greatly reduces the maintenance workload.

3 tower type numerical control pumping unit economic benefit evaluation tower type numerical control pumping unit and beam pumping unit comparison mechanical transmission efficiency, energy saving effect is significant, the average single well annual power saving up to 1. 24 × kW? h, saving electricity costs about 8450 yuan, 5 wells to save electricity costs 42.25 million.

4 Conclusions 4. 1 tower type CNC pumping unit has high transmission efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect.

4. 2 tower type CNC pumping unit challenges the limit of the maximum stroke and minimum stroke of the conventional pumping unit. The parameter adjustment is carried out by using the remote controller, and the parameter adjustment is convenient. It can meet the production needs of the low permeability oil field to the greatest extent and improve. Supply and discharge relationship.

4. 3 tower type CNC pumping unit has fewer auxiliary equipments, low maintenance cost, simple and convenient operation and high safety factor.

4. 4 Sucker rod deformation is small and the pump efficiency is high.


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