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The equipment needed to deal with modern minerals must have the following characteristics: (1) The amount of processing is large, and modern mineral processing objectively requires economies of scale to create benefits. (2) The effect on the fine grain size is remarkable, especially for the -01037mm grain size, and the original equipment can basically guarantee the recovery of the +01037mm grain size. (3) The enrichment is relatively high and the selection index is good. (4) Low power consumption. (5) The structure is simple and easy to maintain. Hydraulic classification equipment reselection cloud classifier tin box, divided mud bucket, heavy medium separation conical dense medium separator, vibrating chute heavy medium, heavy medium cyclones, heavy medium swash wheel sorter, jumping Jig, chute sorting machine, shaker, vortex sorting machine, photoelectric sorting machine, etc.

Panasonic understands manufacturers` challenges in adapting to the demands of increasingly wider market segments. So Panasonic designed a common platform that incorporates jumper wire and radial solutions in both the high-density and high-speed arenas, and an expanded axial solution with built-in jumper wire flexibility.

Panasonic Insertion Machine

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