Special special function software design to realize microcomputer control of press

CNC system software features This system uses the 8031 ​​MCU in the MCS-51 series as the control host. The software draws on and draws on the advantages of the domestic lathe CNC system, and combines the special functions of the punching machine and the requirements of the stamping process. In addition to the performance of the general machine tool numerical control system software, the system software also develops a set of processing suitable for the press. instruction. The software is modular in design.

The whole system software is mainly divided into five major program modules, namely editing, dry running, automatic, same zero, manual and so on. Which program module is working under is determined by the band switch on the panel. In each module is divided into a number of sub-modules. For example, in the editing module, it includes initialization, keyboard scanning, retrieval, program copying and deletion, special definition, display sub-module; in the dry run and automatic processing module, including linear interpolation, circular interpolation, small mold punching large holes Sub-modules such as synchronous control, secondary positioning, lifting speed, and compensation. Each module implements its own specific task. The coordination and communication of the various modules is managed by the necessary procedures to form the entire system software.

The special special function software design is to realize the microcomputer control of the press, not only must have the function of the universal economical numerical control system, but also must be developed for the special function of the press. We have carried out research on the special functions of the press: synchronous control, small die punching, and secondary positioning of the workpiece. The corresponding software and hardware have been developed and tested by experiments.


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