Spring Car Rental See Raiders

One year bloom season, spring visit is the time. During the Ching Ming Holiday, many people are planning a spring driving tour with family and friends. For people who have not yet bought a car, traveling by car is not a difficult task. Just by means of renting a car, you can travel smoothly and enjoy a splendid spring.

In order to facilitate your rental car trip, the reporter recently visited the national chain of China Car Rental and several car rental companies in the city, to understand the current car rental market, precautions and so on.

Car rental online chooses a rental model to verify car rental prices

On the 23rd, the reporter first came to Shenzhou Car Rental, located at the intersection of Changzhou Road, Zhongzhou West Road. The in-store staff introduced that the vehicle information and booking business of China Shenzhou Car Co., Ltd. can be completed through the APP mobile client, in addition to the login website and the call for inquiry.

"Now more people subscribe to vehicles through the mobile phone client. The company's preferential information and vehicle types will be displayed on the above, more intuitive." Under the guidance of the staff, the reporter immediately downloaded the Shenzhou car rental APP.

It is understood that the vehicles provided by the Luoyang branch of the China Car Rental Co., Ltd. include Toyota Yaxuan, Buick Excelle, Kia K2, Citroen Elysee, Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Passat, Buick New LaCrosse and other 9 models, while Chevrolet Cruze, Kia Sportage, Buick GL8, etc. The models have been fully rented.

Staff introduction, the recent Yaxuan, Excelle and Kia K2 can enjoy special prices, the average daily rental car price is 59 yuan, 68 yuan and 79 yuan. The daily rental price of the Toyota Camry is 299 yuan, and that of the Volkswagen Passat is 419 yuan. The most expensive is the Mitsubishi Pajero Jinchang SUV. The average daily rental price of the car is 499 yuan.

During the visit, the reporter coincided with Mr. Wang’s arrival to mention the car. Mr. Wang told reporters that he was renting an automatic 1.6-liter automatic transmission for Buick Excelle. To rent for 3 days, the total price of the mobile phone was 321 yuan. . The fee includes a handling fee of RMB 20, an insurance fee of RMB 40 per day, and a rental fee of RMB 83 (the average daily price increases with the number of rental days). Since Mr. Wang is the first to use a car rental service in China, he can also enjoy the benefits of the first-day car rental reduction, but the reduced car rental fee is based on the initial daily average starting price of 68 yuan.

Mr. Wang reminded that sometimes the price given online is only the average daily price of shop promotion. The specific price should also call the car rental company after verifying the order to verify the accurate charging information.

It is understood that when car rental formalities are required for a car rental company in China, it is necessary to bring “two cards and one card”, ie ID card, driver’s license and credit card, and the settlement of funds is paid by credit card. If the customer returns the vehicle more than 4 hours late, you need to call Shenzhou Car Rental as soon as possible. Failure to apply for renewal of the lease will result in liquidated damages, and the amount will be calculated as 300% of the extended rent.

"When you return the car, the amount of vehicle fuel must be added to the amount of fuel that was delivered. If you do not, you will have fuel costs and refueling service fees." The staff said that if there is a violation of the information in the car rental time, the customer must also pay for the relevant Illegal fees and liquidated damages.

If a traffic accident occurs during the lease period, the customer must call the China Car Rental Service phone while protecting the site. In the basic insurance premium, the customer only has to bear the vehicle loss within 1500 yuan. If the additional service is not included in the deductible service fee at the time of booking, the customer will not have to bear any compensation within the insurance coverage.

Car rental car to see the car rental contract, eliminating unnecessary trouble

Gu Yan, manager of Henan Jinji Car Rental Co., Ltd. on Yinchuan Road, told reporters: “The Peony Culture Festival is coming soon. There are more people coming to consult. The problems are mostly concentrated on the car prices and models in mid-April. There are fewer people who actually rent a car. It is generally based on short-term rent."

The reporter learned that many car rental companies in the city require citizens to pay 5,000 yuan in rent before renting a car. Manager Gu told reporters that Kimi car rental models are mainly used for manual transmission of compact cars, such as Chevrolet Le Chi, Buick Sail, Hyundai Elantra, Hyundai Elantra, Kia Cerato, Honda Civic, etc. The cheapest car Chevrolet Le Chi daily rent 100 yuan, Hyundai Elantra And Yue move for 200 yuan a day, Chevrolet Cruze and Honda Civic for 260 yuan a day, JAC Ruifeng 7 business car 330 yuan a day, the above models have a monthly rental discount, automatic block price every day plus 20 yuan.

The reporter learned from several car rental stores that visited the city that at present, car rentals are calculated on a daily basis. Some vehicles rented by car rental companies travel more than 300 kilometers per day. Additional charges of 5 cents to 1 yuan per kilometer are required depending on the model. fee. According to Mr. Gu, unlike other car-rental stores that are limited to 300 kilometers per day, Kimi Car Rental does not limit the number of vehicles per day, but does not need to add more than 300 kilometers.

A person in charge of a car rental company on Jiudu Road in Xigong District said that the company’s car rental will be calculated separately according to the condition of the car. The price is basically a price. According to different models, the daily rent ranges from 180 to 380 yuan, such as a car. Seven Honda Odysseys have a good 300 yuan a day, and a longer-used car of the same type costs 280 yuan a day.

The citizen, Mr. Guo, had rented a car for a short time ago. He reminded citizens who want to rent a car to travel. When renting a car, they must choose a formal car rental company. Because there are many items involved in car rental charges, you should carefully check whether the terms are Reasonable, earnestly understand each billing item, and then sign it. When signing a rental contract, it is important to write down the price of the daily rent and the number of miles that you have agreed on each day.

Second, when you mention a car, you must give the car a comprehensive inspection. First look at the various documents of the rented vehicle is complete. Then look at the appearance of the vehicle for scratches, whether the lights and locks are complete.

Again, we need to see if the car's oil needs to be added and if the battery has electricity.

Finally, you need to test your car for a rental and get acquainted with the various properties of the vehicle. Such as the use of various buttons in the car. If there are accidents during the car rental, you must contact the car rental company in time to divide the issue of ownership.

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