Survey on Fire Fighting Situation in Shanghai Large-scale Market: Fire Hidden Risks Are Visible

Survey of Fire Fighting Situation in Shanghai's Large-scale Market: Fire Hidden with Diesel Generators | Diesel Generator Price / 2013-01-08

About 4,000 square meters of shops were torched and 5 fresh lives were consumed by the flames. On January 6, a fire ignited in the wholesale market of the Shanghai Agricultural Products Center once again struck us deeply.
Open Shanghai Fire Bureau official micro-blog "Shanghai Fire", "daily fire express" shows that since the winter of December 2 last year in Shanghai, more than 2,300 fires have been reported in Shanghai. Why does Zhu Rong suffer? Yesterday, the newspaper and the reporter were divided into multiple branches and carefully visited markets such as agricultural products, aquatic products, small commodities, clothing, building materials, and flowers and birds. Privately-connected wires, blocked passages, flammable materials, and littering Cigarettes... The hidden dangers everywhere are worrying!
Lessons to be kept in mind: In accordance with the Fire Safety Regulations, the market management and management unit must not ignore the fact that it cannot be discussed on paper; an item of security principal responsibility must be implemented and the market management and management unit must be implemented and detailed. Because, we do not want to see the reignition of the "fire of death" in the winter!
Agricultural products and fish market merchants abuse illegal appliances
Venue: Jiangqiao Vegetable Market
The owner of the meat area told reporters that the trading hours here are very long, from 7am to 9pm. Although the staff in the store will not stay in the store at night, almost all the shopkeepers and staff cook and cook in the market for convenience and money.
At the scene, the reporter saw that in almost every meat shop there are electric cookers, electric kettles, and microwave ovens. A shop owner said: “We basically rely on these things to solve the lunch in the market.” Although they also said that the market explicitly prohibit the use of such appliances, the owner also claimed to be “will pay more attention”, but in fact these appliances are openly placed It is not covered outside.
The reporter saw in the vegetable sales area that many trucks were parked here and some of the entrances and exits were blocked. For fire extinguishers, safe passages and other issues, many staff members in the vegetable area are asking questions.
According to the person in charge of the Jiangqiao Vegetable Wholesale Market, the canteen was originally set up in the market. Due to the cold weather, the owner of the restaurant cooked up his own food and was completely banned to ensure safety. At the same time, they will ensure smooth roads in the vegetable sales area.
Location: Wuzhou agricultural and sideline products wholesale market
Step into the market located in Donggao Road, Pudong. The first trading area is the dry cargo area. There are more than 20 dry goods stalls on both sides of the dry cargo area with a total length of less than 50 meters. Almost all of the stacked commodities extend from the gate to pedestrian passages, and most of the passages are occupied.
Several dry-handling households also kept heaters in the shops and chatted around the heaters in twos and threes. Next to the heater, a few barrels of cooking oil were stunned. A few steps away, they were filled with rice and flour. At noon, business households began to have lunch. Most of their meals were cooked on a simple stove in their own shop.
Mr. Zhang, the head of the Wuzhou Wholesale Market, said that the fire that had occurred the night before had caused the market management to be alert. The market management party has requested that all business operators should not stay overnight in the booth, and they must not randomly pull wires. Foam boxes and other debris inside the booth must be cleared in time. Especially in dry goods areas, it is forbidden to use various types of heating equipment.
Place: Tongchuan Road Aquatic Market
The shops in the market are mostly two-storey facade houses, the ground floor is used for business, and the second floor is the owner's residence. Although the shop is not large, “the sparrows are small and fully-equipped”, in addition to the necessary items such as fish tanks and oxygen bottles, all kinds of furniture and electrical appliances are also available. The problem is that the electricity safety of the merchants is very high. Difficult to be guaranteed. For example, in many stores, the wires are untidy, long lines of tow boards are everywhere, and some shopkeepers even pull the wires from the second floor window to the downstairs to install the lights. They do not know that the clothes are hanging on both sides of the wire. If not, use it carelessly. , it is easy to cause electric shocks.
Many merchants simply set up a “hob” in the corner of the shop, which houses electric cookers, induction cookers and other high-power electrical equipment. “It is more expensive to eat outside, or it is convenient and affordable to do it yourself.” A fishery shop The boss admits that he also knows that the use of such appliances is forbidden in the market. However, in order to save money and feel lucky, he and everyone will take the risk.
Commodity, clothing market fire channel is often blocked
Location: Fuyou Road Small Commodity Market
Close to the Lunar New Year, the market is crowded with people. Hundreds of sellers selling wedding and new-year decorations have resorted to all the stops and wait for everything to be piled up at the door for consumers to choose. Due to the small shopping mall aisles, shops are scrambling to dump things out. Once customers stop to buy goods, they will block the entire channel. In the event of a dangerous situation, it seems difficult for customers to get out of the maze market.
Pushing a fire door, a shopkeeper puts several boxes of wedding supplies directly in the fire escape. In a small space, three people are chatting and folding candy boxes. The reporter walks across the piles of goods on the fire stairs. However, he was shocked to find that under the warning signs that the fire escapes are strictly prohibited, they have already piled up to a hill.
The reporter found that despite the non-smoking signs posted in the mall, there are still people in the mall. On both sides of the escalator on each floor, there are fire curtain doors. Although many striking red words on the ground reminded shops to forbid the accumulation of goods under the fire shutter doors, these shops still saw the accumulation of piles and hanging small commodities. The fire slogans were in name only.
Location: Qipu Road prosperous clothing wholesale market
Several entrances and exits to the market are filled with thick cardboard boxes and bundles of bundles of clothing. There are also hawkers selling stalls and stockings and hats in front of them. Once a fire breaks out, customers will have difficulty evacuating in time.
80% of the shops in the market have problems with road operations. Some shops even have conflicts with neighboring shops because they occupy less than one inch of land. “These shops have been occupying business for a long time. It is often blocked here and it is very inconvenient to go in and out.” Some frequent customers say that although there are shopping mall administrators who come to patrol every day, the shops are prohibited from occupying the passageways. , But when the administrator left, things piled up again.
The reporter observed that there was a label on the ground in front of each shop. “No fire protection is allowed under the roller shutter door”, but most shops have turned a blind eye to this, and the shelves are getting more and more out of the market, and things are getting higher and higher. Some labels have disappeared. Traces. The owner of a shop said that the mall stipulated that each home was equipped with a small fire extinguisher, but some shops placed the fire extinguisher on the corner and no fire extinguisher was found in other stores.
Building materials market flammable materials are randomly stacked
Location: Jiuxing building materials market
In the plywood trading area of ​​Pingyi Road, Hongluo Road, the reporter saw that a large amount of wood and plywood were stored in shops or adjacent storage yards, and some of the plates were also piled up in public passages outside the shops.
The same situation was also found in the paint and wood door trading area. Some shops stored more than 100 barrels of paint, and some businesses directly moved more than a dozen of wooden doors for sale outside the store. In addition, the reporter noticed that some roads in the market were parked full of trucks, forklifts, cars and other vehicles, leaving only a narrow passage between the two sides and the shop, in the event of a fire accident, rescue of large fire engines will be Bring obstacles.
Some businesses seem to have become accustomed to the aforementioned fire and safety hazards. "It should be a small problem. We have prepared fire extinguishers." "This has always been the case, or how do you do business?"
At present, the fire department has listed the plywood, paint and coating, lamps, furniture and other market areas in the Shanghai Jiuxing building materials market as the key for fire protection. Market management also made it clear that it will strive to close the nine-star plywood market that has serious fire hazards on June 30 this year.
Flower and Bird Market Wires Lay Throw
Location: Caojiadu Flower Market
Several shops in the market are being renovated. At the entrance, there are trucks blocking the road. The reporter went to the flower market and could not find a no-smoking sign. As a result, shop owners and customers abounding with cigarettes abound. Some people even throw cigarette butts directly into the heap of waste, allowing them to risk white smoke.
In addition to the business of occupying the road, one problem that still exists in the flower market is the chaos of wires. Standing in the passageway, looking up, the top wires criss-cross, like a mess, and even the wires hanging directly from the ceiling, sloshing in the air. The owner of a shop told reporters that his family is doing wedding flowers business. In order to pursue results, the store had to install multiple chandeliers and spotlights. Looking down, the ground is covered with wires, wiring boards and hydroponic plants together; lanterns are randomly wrapped around fallen plants.
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