Taizhou AVIC 4350TEU container ship guide rail pre-installation

Taizhou AVIC 4350TEU container ship guide rail pre-installation
The 4350TEU container ship is the largest container ship ever built by Taizhou Zhonghang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. According to the company's production plan, the ship type must be pre-assembled on the rail segment. In order to successfully implement this new process, the company organized a special investigation by the manufacturing department and the related personnel of the technology department to the surrounding shipyards, and held several special sessions to discuss and develop the "4350TEU sectional rail precision installation process."
At present, the 1#4350TEU rail pre-installation has been fully launched. The technical department sent special personnel to carry out on-site precision control and process guidance, and urged the construction unit to strictly follow the relevant processes for construction; the manufacturing department also sent special personnel to carry out progress tracking and work coordination to ensure orderly production.

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