The comprehensive update of packaging machinery is the general trend of the development of the industry

Packaging technology is an important symbol of modern civilization, and packaging machinery is the material guarantee for realizing modern civilization. The relationship between packaging machinery and the development of the national economy is very close. The higher the level of national economic development, the higher the demand for packaging, the rapid development of packaging machinery, high technology, variety of species, product quality and stability.

In 2008, China's packaging machinery industry is still in a good state of growth: production and sales are still rising, profit growth is rapid, and exports are increasing. It is a prominent 'bright spot' industry in the machinery industry. In 2008, the main business income of the packaging machinery industry was 13.18 billion yuan, up 10.9% year-on-year in 2007; of which, the growth rate of the main-income of the large-packaging machinery industry was 24.39%, which was a decrease of 7.31 percentage points from 31.70% in the same period of 2007. One of the fastest growing industries in the machinery industry.

In the 60 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the living standards of our people and people’s income have undergone enormous changes. Packaging machinery has therefore been widely used in various industries such as food, medicine, and chemical industry.

From the point of view of food and other light industrial products alone, China’s total export volume accounts for more than one-third of the total export volume. All of them require upgrading of packaging grades. This brings many opportunities for the development of packaging machinery. Food packaging requires a wide variety of packaging machinery. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s consumption patterns have changed from being substantiated to enjoying themselves, so the packaging machinery industry is a sunrise industry.

The comprehensive upgrading of packaging machinery and equipment is the general trend of the development of packaging machinery in China and the world. The main features of the replacement are: a large number of modernized high-precision technologies, electronic technologies, microelectronics, edge technologies, and fuzzy technologies used in civilian and military industries to accelerate the further improvement of the reliability and safety of packaging machinery and equipment and production lines. Unmanned operation and other automation levels. Intelligence will enter the entire packaging machinery and equipment and production lines.

In many countries of the world, packaging machinery and equipment, production line manufacturing groups and multinational companies are investing huge sums of money and organizing professionals to conduct research and development, and strive to accelerate the process of mechanical and electrical integration of packaging machinery and equipment. The development of packaging machinery involves a variety of industries. China's packaging machinery companies should mobilize all forces to take more technical issues and make China's packaging machinery and equipment to the world's advanced ranks.

Steel Castings are used when Iron Castings cannot deliver enough strength or shock resistance. 

Examples of items that are steel castings include: turbine wheels, forging presses, gears, rail truck frames, valve bodies, pump casingsmining machinery partsmarine equipment partsturbocharger turbine housing and engine cylinder blocks

Steel casting processing ways mainly includes sand casting and investment casting which includes water glass investment casting and silica sol casting. 

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lost wax castingsilica sol casting

steel castings

investment casting


steel castings

Steel Castings

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