The person who witnessed the story described Li Ke’s emphasis on research: quietly walking quietly into a common room

The person who spoke to the protagonist tells Li Ke to stress research: Quietly walk quietly to the common room diesel generator | Diesel generator price / 2012-12-31

Deep feelings are the people's livelihood. From December 27 to 28, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier Li Keqiang came to Jiujiang for research. This is the first time Li Keqiang has left Beijing for investigation after he was elected as the new central leadership.
The people of Jiangxi still vividly remembered: In September 2009, at the State Council Executive Meeting that had just passed the principle of “promoting the rise of the central region” in principle, and the central provinces ushered in a new round of golden development, Li Keqiang embarked on this red hot spot in Jiangxi. Walk on the fields, enter farms, and enter the lake area, visit people, listen to people's wishes, and check the people's feelings.
After three years, Li Keqiang once again set foot on the red earth. Warm smile, pragmatic style, and eagerness, Li Keqiang took a rainy morning and a light car in a tight two-day trip. He talked with company representatives, migrant workers, and grassroots cadres with cordial enthusiasm and abundant feelings.
At different times, the same kind of pragmatic approach has left a deep impression on the cadres and the masses; at different times, it also reflects the deep and deep feelings of Vice Premier Li Keqiang on Jinggang children.
A meeting, simple and warm people
The person who witnessed the closure of Minli: He has also grown up in rural life and is as close as a neighbor to the uncle.
At 5:40 in the afternoon on December 27, the snow fell under the influence of the cold wave in Jiujiang.
“It's time for dinner and the weather is so cold. Leaders may not be here.” Luo Hong, chairman of Xuyang Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Jiujiang City, stands in the factory and feels a bit guilty. . The day before, he received a notice saying that a leading comrade would visit him in the future. Luo Hong said that he did not know who he was and the only "indication" he got was to let the employees in the factory speak the truth and what they said.
At 5:50 pm, two Chinese buses raced in and stopped in front of the dormitory building No. 3 in Area C of the factory. The doors opened and Li Keqiang, the deputy prime minister, walked down. This makes Luo Hongxi look out.
At this time, Room 401 on the fourth floor of the dormitory, Li Zhijun enjoys a lot of fun: his wife and her two daughters are watching the animation with relish. The mother has dinner in the kitchen, and Li Zhijun is surfing the Internet in the bedroom. The sudden arrival of Vice Premier Li Keqiang has added tremendous happiness to this family.
"When Deputy Prime Minister Li came into the house, we couldn't believe my eyes." Li Zhijun said that Li Keqiang's smile on his face was particularly affectionate, and it made people feel no sense of distance or tension.
Li Zhijun from Sichuan Nanchong introduced to Li Keqiang that he and his wife worked for Xuyang Redi for 3 years. The factory provided a free-from-room husband and wife room, with electrical appliances and furniture.
Li Keqiang visited this cozy little home with great interest, and gave two children at home a New Year's gift: a big bear doll, a bag of blocks, and a book titled “One Hundred Thousand Why” and “The Story of Chinese Idioms.” Children must study well, grow up healthily, and grow up to become pillars of the motherland.
Li Keqiang's arrival made the entire dormitory building boiling. Many migrant workers gathered around and rushed to shake hands with Li Keqiang. Every time he talks with migrant workers, Li Keqiang will ask three questions: What is your desire for rating? What is the difficulty of rating? What are the next steps?
Soon, the dormitory management room on the second floor became a temporary meeting room. In a small room of more than 10 square meters, everyone moved plastic stools from various quarters and sat down with Li Keqiang.
Zou Leihui sat in the back and took the initiative to stand up and demand the first speech. "As Vice Premier Li, I did not feel any pressure, so I dared to stand up first." Zou Leihui explained his courage at that time.
The 26-year-old boy from Linchuan District of Fuzhou City said the heartfelt words of many young people: Now that house prices have risen faster, we can buy less than one square meter for a monthly income of more than 2000 yuan. We hope that we can properly control house prices and allow more. More migrant workers can buy houses in the city, take root, and live the lives of people in the city. Li Keqiang took the words and said that the construction of affordable housing is conducive to curbing excessive price increases and preventing urbanization from raising the threshold, so that farmers can hope to change people.
Feng Mingli sat in the second position on the left of Li Keqiang. Zou Leihui’s speech gave her courage. She uttered the desire buried in her heart: she wanted to start a business, but like she was born in rural areas and grew up in rural areas, her parents were afraid that the risks did not support her entrepreneurship. She also feared that her academic ability was limited and she dared not start her own business.
Li Keqiang encouraged Feng Minli with his personal experience. He said that I also lived and grew up in rural areas. As long as I strengthen my learning and increase my experience, rural people can become talented people. He encouraged Feng Mingli, who had difficulties, setbacks, and even failures on the road to starting a business. However, he fell, climbed up, persisted, and persevered, and he would be successful.
“Mr Li’s words are simple and cordial, just like the neighboring uncle, showing concern and love.” Feng Minli said, “This adds to my confidence and determination in starting a business, especially the courage to overcome setbacks.”
A forum to be realistic and efficient
Pan Xinhua, a personal witness, emphasized three times in the pre-meeting meeting. It is difficult to tell the truth.
At 2:30 pm on December 28, Pan Xinhua, general manager of Jiangxi Xiankelai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and 10 local Jiujiang SME managers came to Jiujiang Port Customs House. The day before, they were told that there were leaders who wanted to open a forum. Everyone should tell the truth, talk about difficulties, and give suggestions.
The meeting room is located in a small conference room, which is simple and low-key. Except for tables, chairs, tea cups, paper and pens, there are no extra items such as banners, flowers, and potted plants. There is not even a place card on the table, instead a small piece of paper with a name written on it.
Before the meeting, a staff member walked into the venue and reaffirmed the "rules" of the speech: "Talk about questions and opinions, don't use clichés, and don't sing praises."
Having participated in many forums, and repeatedly emphasizing truth telling and questions, Pan Xinhua met for the first time. He was curious. Who is the leader who came?
Soon, the answer was announced. Vice Premier Li Keqiang entered the conference room with a smile and shook hands with the person in charge of the company. After sitting down, his opening remarks were concise and clear: "I came to understand the development of small, medium and micro enterprises. Everyone must tell the truth, tell the truth, talk about difficulties, and give advice. Today I came to listen to your voice."
The atmosphere on the scene suddenly became active. According to the list of enterprises in the forum, Pan Xinhua was ranked first. He was about to raise his hand and next to Huang Xianping, Chairman of Jiujiang Jiasheng Cereals and Oils Industry Co., Ltd., took the lead in opening: Vice Premier Li, can I speak? After receiving a positive answer, he said that Jiasheng Grain and Oil is a provincial-level agricultural industrialization leading enterprise, but the declaration of national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises has not been approved for many years...
Huang Xianping did not expect that Li Keqiang immediately accompanied the relevant ministries and commissions leaders and asked them to effectively help Jiasheng solve problems related to grain and oil. Huang Xianping said that he had long heard that Vice Premier Li resolutely and enthusiastically, this personal experience has given us a lot of warmth and moved.
In expressing their opinions and interacting with each other, enterprises are responsible for people's opinions: The difficulty of getting loans from private enterprises, the difficulty in obtaining policies, and the difficulty of competing with state-owned enterprises... Li Keqiang listened carefully, remembered seriously, and interjected with the person in charge of the company from time to time to intervene. view. He later said that you have sweet water and bitter water, and this time I mainly listen to your bitter water. The government must create a fair market opportunity and a fair competitive environment for all kinds of ownership enterprises and for all entrepreneurs.
Sincere words have stirred up the hearts of every SME’s family. Wu Qiuping, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Jiangzhou United Shipbuilding Company, wrote down these words on paper and put them in their hearts. He said: “From this discussion, we can see that Vice Premier Li Keqiang came with the research purpose and research theme. He knows the way of economic development, understands the hardships of SMEs, and seeks practicality and a lively style from the central leadership. I added the courage and confidence to expand and strengthen the company."
A research trip, the breeze blowing
Li Ying, a person who has experienced this, feels that this survey is coming quietly and quietly
From December 27 to 28 on December 27, Vice Premier Li Keqiang came to investigate. Traffic police of Jiujiang City Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment is the same as usual, "No road closure, no clearing, no control."
Li Wei, deputy director of the Jiujiang City Public Security Bureau, told reporters: “This time, the security work is just as usual. The central leadership’s close and pragmatic approach has taken the lead and set the standard for our front-line police officers to serve the public as police and law enforcement has added courage and determination to the people. ”
Chen Jian was a police officer of the Traffic Police Detachment of the Jiujiang Public Security Bureau. He was responsible for the Qinyang West Crossing on the afternoon of the 27th. He witnessed Li Keqiang’s convoy’s encounter with a red light at the Xiangyang West Road junction: the team was placed behind the social vehicle in an orderly manner. Wait for the green light to go. The reporter learned that the team had encountered three red lights during the march. During the highway travel, the traffic police did not implement any control measures.
Li Ying, a 37-year-old waiter, has worked in Jiujiang Hotel for more than 10 years. She told reporters: “I feel that this time the leader’s research came quietly and quietly. There were no banners, no banners, no flowers, no red carpet, no special.”
Li Keqiang, deputy prime minister, stayed on the 7th floor of Jiujiang Hotel. Careful attendants noticed that every time a member of the staff came to the room to send materials and documents, Deputy Prime Minister Li Keqiang sent them to the door and watched the departure before returning to the room. This detail made the waiters feel touched by now. They told reporters: "Dr. Li Keqiang is so friendly and easy-going and approachable."
Zeng Jianhong, the person in charge of the Reception Office of Jiujiang City, disclosed to the reporter that Vice Premier Li Keqiang strictly implemented the Central Government's eight regulations during the investigation in Jiujiang. He did not stay in a good local hotel. He just stayed in a common room at Jiujiang Hotel and did not provide any new bathroom accessories. We chose buffet with bed and meal. The hotel responsible for the reception did not implement any "clearance" order. On the day before Li Keqiang's deputy prime minister stayed, he also took on external business activities as usual. There are more than 40 people in the restaurant to eat, and the meal is a buffet of six dishes and one soup. The dishes are “local specialties and ordinary home cooking” without any drinks.
Corresponding to the food and accommodation arrangements, the layout of the venue is also extremely simple. The staff of Jiujiang Hotel told the reporter that on the morning of the 28th, Li Keqiang’s forum for regional development and reform chose the No. 5 conference room that just accommodated the number of participants. The layout of the venue is extremely simple. There are only notes and cups on the table, and there are no monograms, flowers, wipes, etc.
When researching in Jiujiang, Li Keqiang also arranged for the cadres of the General Office of the State Council and the research department of the State Council to set up another two small teams. Instead of escorting them locally, they directly went to the urban and rural grassroots to understand the situation.
At the same time, news of Li Keqiang's research in Jiujiang has also spread on the Internet. Microblogs and other "from the media" reported Li Keqiang's activities on the Internet in real time, triggering heated discussions among netizens.
Many netizens commented: “Now the leaders are not closing the road. It is a good phenomenon! Like one.” “Working on the spot, really serving the people!” “The leaders are all very forceful. One problem came out and they immediately resolved it on the spot. "The direction and intent of the project." "Leaders came to investigate topics such as household registration, medical care, etc., which have given us warmth."
Netizens said that when they were at the end of the year, they came to Jiangxi and came to the middle of the migrant workers. Being a senior leader really touched people. Moreover, on-site solving the problem, people feel a fresh breath of fresh air.
Netizens “referees” said that from the choice of Vice Premier Li Yuan’s research objects and the voice of the masses’ response, we didn’t want a word with a high click rate, “people's livelihood”! "National Wealth" means "people are strong" and only "people are strong". "State" can become "rich!"
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