The Secret of the Sixth Legend of the World: The Lost South American Eldorado

The small island full of treasures in the Hollywood movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" has caused countless reverie for the audience. Is there such a lost "Treasure Island" or a hidden treasure cave on Earth? Ancient treasure researcher Joel Levy In his new book Lost History, the historical legends and real insider stories of the world's most famous treasures of the six legends are disclosed in detail.

Lost South America's "Golden State"

According to legend, there is an ancient city hidden somewhere in South America. The road there is paved with gold and jade. A Spanish conqueror discovered the ruins of the Muscat tribe in the location of today's Colombia and found the “Lake Guatavita” where the king bathed in the holy lake. He ordered the draining of most of the water in the lake, but only found it. A little bit of gold. Since then, many people have been killed in the search for treasures in the lake. In 1969, an ancient gold sculpture was discovered in a cave near Bogotá, Colombia. The sculpture depicts several nobles, priests and a king who was full of ornaments on a raft. Joel Levy said: “This golden statue shows that the Muska tribe king may have existed.” But since 1974, the Colombian government has sent soldiers to protect the Lake of Qutavita, and no one has since Can go to the lake to hunt treasure.

Hide "copper scroll" at treasure location

In 1952, a copper scroll was found in a cave near the Dead Sea near the West Bank. It describes the location of the treasures of the 64 treasures in Greek and Hebrew. According to the archeologists on this copper scroll, the value of the treasure will exceed 1 billion pounds. One of the treasure locations in the copper scroll is Judea, which may be located at today's ancient temple in Jerusalem.

However, the copper scroll is full of such words: "In the cave of the old laundry room, in the third ledge, there are 65 gold." Today, no one knows what the "old laundry room" is. Levy said: "We cannot yet conclude that it is a fictitious parable or a true treasure list."

The Lost Treasure of King John of England

Somewhere in the Walsh Bay between East England and Lincolnshire, there was a large treasure of King John's in the 13th century. Levi said: "Any treasure hunter must face 33 feet of dirt. These are all piled up in the past 800 years. Such a deep mud makes no metal detectors useful." However, there is also history. The geologist doubts that King John's treasure story may be a trick concocted by John himself, in order to prevent the greedy British aristocrat from licking his treasure.

Mexico City built on a big treasure?

According to historical legends, when the Spaniards invaded, Montezuma II of Mexico’s Aztec king had hidden most of his treasures. After his death, many later explorers began to search for his treasures, but they were nothing. Levi said: "According to the study, there is no evidence that the Aztecs have secret gold treasures. The most likely explanation is that the Spanish army discovered and plundered most of their wealth after conquering Aztec."

Pirate ship captain's treasure map

Captain Kidd was a notorious big pirate of the 17th century, and he allegedly buried hundreds of millions of pounds worth of treasures in various parts of the world. In 1701, he was sentenced to be hanged by British officials. Later, his treasure hidden on the island of Gardino was found by British officials and amounted to the equivalent of 2 million pounds today. In the 20th century, four treasure maps allegedly belonging to Kidd were discovered but did not bring any findings. Experts suspect that these treasure maps are forged.

Add "money pit" on Oak Island

There is a shallow pit in the open space of Oak Island, 5 kilometers off the east coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. The legend has many treasures and it is called "money pit". However, a lot of excavations later resulted in the collapse of the “pit of money”. Many experts suspect that the money pit on Oak Island may be only a natural phenomenon and there are no treasures in it. But because Oak Island is now privately owned, this may be a forever secret.