Third place in the world's top ten treasures

The third of the world's top ten treasures, the ship of the Lady Atokas

Spain’s plundering of colonial wealth took the most savage way. At that time, South America was confirmed to be rich in gold, silver and other rare resources. The only work the Spanish colonists had in the New World was mining and operating mines. The gold and silver treasures of a ship and another ship became the evidence of colonial plunder.

Spain's gold transporters are most afraid of pirates and hurricanes. In order to deal with pirates, each fleet is equipped with a "guard boat" equipped with cannons and a sturdy hull. The Lady Atokas is such an escort ship. In August 1622, a fleet of 29 ships, where the Lady Atokas was located, was loaded with treasure to return to Spain from South America. As it was a guard ship, everyone put the most precious and most treasure on the Lady Atoka. Unfortunately, the Cannon of the Lady Atokas did not have any deterrent effect on the hurricane. When the fleet sailed to the sea between Havana and Cuba, the hurricane swept the last five ships in the fleet. Due to its heavy payload and slowest speed, the Lady Atokas was the first target of attack. The boat quickly sank to the depth of 17 meters below the sea floor. The sailors on other ships immediately jumped into the water hoping to rescue some treasures, but just as they found wreckage and prepared to salvage gold bars, another more powerful hurricane struck and all the underwater people were killed in the hurricane.

Mel Fisher's definition of himself is a treasure hunter. In 1955 he established a company called "Saving the Treasure", which is dedicated to finding Spanish wrecks in the waters of southern California. In his 20 years fishing career, Fisher has picked up six famous Spanish wrecks and became celebrities in the circle, earning a lot of money. Unconsciously, Fisher reached the age of retirement, but he was reluctant to leave the salvage ship because he had vowed to find the Lady Atokas with the most treasure in the legend. So the whole family gave up the normal operation of the company for this ideal. Fisher's wife, son and daughter accompanied her father into the water to find a dream on the sea floor. Their search is meticulous, as long as they see something that is not stone, they must be detected with metal detectors. On July 20, 1985, Fisher and his family found the Lady Atokas and the tonnage of gold. However, this kind of happiness was dulled by the hardships of 30 years. Fisher thinks that God will surely let him find the Lady Atoka, but has always tested his patience.

This ship, known as the biggest treasure on the seabed, has 40 tons of treasure, including nearly 8 tons of gold and 500 kilograms of precious stones. The value of all treasures is about 400 million U.S. dollars. The story of Fisher's search for Mrs. Atoka in the United States has become China's story of “shadows”, and “finding the Atoka” has become a common phrase. It means sticking to a dream and succeeding.

The treasure on the Lady Atokas is a pure victory in quantity, and the gold in ton and the 30 years of a family's fleeting year rank it third in the world's top ten treasures.