This year, several market segments have risen in contempt for Yuchai's 2013 to compete for 455,000 units.

In 2012, the commercial vehicle market continued to decline, but Yuchai has achieved growth in various segments.

On December 27, Wu Qiwei, general manager of Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. told reporters at Yuchai State V Natural Gas Engine and National IV Diesel Engine New Product Launch Conference that Yuchai Motor is expected to sell 435,000 units of engines in 2012, a year-on-year decline. The overall level of the industry, and in the school bus, new energy, natural gas power and other market segments, the trend of growth, gratifying.

Wu Qiwei said that in 2012, for the domestic engine market, it was a down year, but for Yuchai, it was a year of contrarian growth.

"This year, the domestic engine industry includes the commercial vehicle engine industry, and the overall situation is not very good. The economic crisis in Europe and the United States and the strengthening of macro-control at home have led to a rapid decline in demand across the entire market, which has caused a great impact on the commercial vehicle industry, especially for construction machinery. This year's The decline is very large."

Wu Qiwei said that in the face of a depressed market environment, Yuchai expects to sell engines of 435,000 units this year. Although it has dropped 14.8% year-on-year, it is far below the industry's overall decline of more than 24%. Due to the relatively small decline, Yuchai’s market share has increased by 3% this year, and the sales volume is 110,000-120,000 units higher than the second, continuing to maintain the industry’s number one position.

In the commercial vehicle power market, thanks to the outbreak of school buses, natural gas engines, hybrid power systems, and light passenger power, Yuchai Bus Engines have achieved simultaneous growth with the domestic passenger car market. “In 2012, we launched the school bus engine and the promotion effect is very significant. The annual sales volume is expected to exceed 10,000 units. Second, in the area of ​​new energy, especially in the area of ​​gas engines, Yuchai’s sales exceeded 20,000 units, including 18,000 passenger cars and trucks. 2,000 units, an increase of more than 50%, especially after entering the fourth quarter, we have sales of more than 3,000 units each month. Third, this year Yuchai has achieved good results in the application of hybrid power systems; In the European and Japanese light passenger supporting markets, Yuchai has also made some progress. This sector has grown by more than 20% this year."

Wu Qiwei also said that in other areas, the Yuchai engine also achieved a contrarian increase. In 2012, in the event of a significant decline in the marine and power generation industries, Yuchai’s sales growth exceeded 18%, and its sales volume was expected to reach 25,000 units. In the agricultural machinery market, this year’s overall industry declined by around 20%, but Yuchai’s The growth in tractor power and the power of corn harvesters has made Yuchai's performance this year the same as last year.

Speaking of the 2013 sales target, Wu Qiwei pointed out that Yuchai will strive for 455,000 vehicles next year, which is 20,000 more than this year. The development theme of Yuchai next year is “Special Breakthrough, National IV Country V Preemptive”.

The key work next year is to successfully connect the country IV and the country V. In terms of products, through the issuance of this new product, we have made a good reserve; Yuchai is also fully prepared for the production process, supplier system, and quality control system. ”

In terms of marketing, Wu Qiwei said that in 2013 Yuchai requested that the Yuchai’s connection with the OEM should be preceded by several preemptions: planning ahead, “that is to say, Yuchai’s national IV diesel products and China V natural gas products must be the first one to enter the main plant. "Product planning"; preemptive announcement, the main plant product announcements must first have Yuchai; there are development preemptive and market launch first.

"Through these first steps, we will achieve Yuchai's recovery growth in the market segments. This is our overall deployment," Wu Qiwei said.

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