Three Features of Modern Study Room Decoration

The study room is a space for people, especially intellectuals, to study and work. It is not only a treasure house of knowledge, but also a balance point for people's spiritual life. An elegant and quiet study room can add endless fun and rich colors to people's lives, enabling people to enjoy elegant spiritual enjoyment and inspire great creative enthusiasm. The decoration design of the study should emphasize the following features:
Feature 1: The elegant and quiet study of the tone, as the name suggests, is just two meanings: it is either a room for Chen Fang’s book, a static space for accommodating spiritual products, or a room for a reader to read and is an elegant place for absorbing knowledge. Whatever the meaning, it contains the meaning of Yajing. This established a tone for the study: elegant and quiet. The study and decoration of the study should also be designed and composed around this tone. Ya, asked the study decoration design of the study to highlight the bookish style, elegant style, full of artistry. Quiet, it requires the study decoration design of the study to highlight the quiet, quiet atmosphere, full of privacy. The relationship between Ya and Jing is Ya Ya, Ya Zhong Qiu Jing, Ya Jing combined.
Feature II: There are few decorative items in the decoration and decoration of the room. There is no need to decorate some decorative items. The number of accessories should be based on the function of the room and the size of the space. The decorations in the study should be small and refined, with knowledge and morality, can reflect the owner's personality temperament, professional characteristics and ideal pursuit, and the taste of the study Style plays the finishing touch. Because the study is a space for reading, thinking, and writing. If there are many ornaments, it will destroy the quiet atmosphere of the study, distract people's attention, and affect people's thinking and writing. The most basic "decorations" in the study are the bookcases and the books themselves. The bookcase is the main furniture in the study. The shape of the bookcase is elegant, light and unique, practical and decorative. The book is the main decoration in the study. It has a wide variety of colors and rich colors. Chen Fang books should be arranged on the bookcases according to the content of the book and the size of the book, and the types of colors. The vertical section should be as close to the partition as possible. The space should be left as far as possible so that the books can be displayed succinctly and clearly and densely. , Rich in decorative effects. The remaining space in the bookcase can display a small amount of arts and crafts with strong cultural meaning and high artistic level. In this way, it is not only easy to take books and magazines, but also serves to beautify the room. On the wall of the study, most of the bookcases are set against the wall. The wall decoration should be simple, or hang an art tapestry or hang one or two celebrity paintings to make the study more interesting. On the desk, a pot of green pots can be placed to make the study life-like.
Feature 3: The elements of color and the light study are the places where the brain is used and where the eyes are used. The eyes are most sensitive to the colors. In order to facilitate reading and thinking, the color of the study should be simple, plain and calm. Warm, stimulating, and colorful colors will create a noisy atmosphere in the room, affect people's vision, interfere with people's reading and thinking. Specifically, the ceiling and walls of the study should be light gray, light green, light blue, milk yellow, etc. The color of the ground can be slightly deeper. It is best to lay a quiet and elegant color, simple and elegant carpet. Book cupboards and desks are best prepared with milk yellow, milky white and other colors, thus forming a soft, quiet learning, thinking, and writing environment. The composition of the study design should be smooth and generous. In the decoration design of the study, light and color are inseparable. Good color design also requires good lighting design to display. Especially in a space where there is insufficient natural light or at night, there is no illumination, and even the best color design cannot be displayed. The lighting design of the study should pay attention to the uniformity of light, soft and bright, avoid strong irritating light. The general study room has an incandescent chandelier installed at the center of the roof for main lighting, and a desk lamp is installed on the desk for reading and writing. Lights and lamps should be simple and should not be complicated, otherwise it is easy to conflict with the colors of books and dens and undermine the overall effect.

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