Who is stinging the low-price bidding case in Anyuan County, Jiangxi?

[ China Agricultural Machinery Industry News ] While the drone has expanded in the field of plant protection, some gray areas have also emerged. On July 10th, the farmer housekeeper who is in the inspirational “doing the platform” is the one who wants to change the life of the industry. "The article caused a sensation in the drone circle, with tens of thousands of hits.
There are a lot of mistakes in this article, but the author wrote this article and did not denounce the other party. He did not want to stand on the farmyard butler, crying that he was wronged and embarrassed.
Today's original intention is to seriously discuss with you, UAV plant protection has come to this day, the boundaries of this industry has long been blurred, traditional industry barriers have been easily penetrated, technology, agriculture, drones, the Internet, you can no longer Simply label a company, and what kind of posture should we continue to move forward?
Who is stinging the low-price bidding case in Anyuan County, Jiangxi?
This industry has undergone many trial and error, and many companies have paid a large or small price for this; the new plant protection model is also emerging, and the self-operated mode, platform mode, and alliance mode each play different roles. However, good industries will also have bad gray areas. This bidding event has exposed various games that have appeared in the development of the industry. In fact, not only low-price bidding, but also the seizure of trademarks, infringements, undercover stolen business secrets, etc., have long been commonplace.
Three bids, “foreign households” farmer housekeeper wins
We still have to return to the incident itself. According to the information bursting out by many parties, the author understands that this is the case:
Anyuan County is located in the southwestern part of the river. It is a typical mountainous county. The economy is dominated by agriculture, and traditional bulk agricultural products such as rice, watermelon, forest, and pigs. In the past ten years, the navel orange industry has flourished and it has risen to become the pillar industry of Anyuan. At present, the county has developed a fruit industry area of ​​380,000 mu and a production capacity of 230,000 tons.
However, citrus Huanglongbing has caused headaches for the local government. This disease is mainly caused by citrus hibiscus, and it can also be spread by grafting and dodder, which is a devastating disease. The difficulty in the prevention and treatment of Huanglong disease is the rule of the unified defense. As long as there is a family, everyone is unlucky.
In recent years, the emergence of UAV plant protection has made the local government shine. If the government comes out to concentrate the fruit trees in a unified way, it is also a happy thing for the farmers.
There are two flight defense service teams in Jiangxi Province, and they have been working on the promotion of drone plant protection. The two companies are Zhangzhou Feike and Jiangxi Yufeng. It is said that Jiangxi Yufeng has been testing in the local area for nearly half a year, successfully verifying the effectiveness of drones in the prevention and control of citrus Huanglongbing, and has also been recognized by the rate.
So the government publicly tendered on June 16 this year, there are 20,000 acres (in fact, each flight area of ​​about 6,900 acres, divided into three operations) orchard needs fly defense operations. When the tender was issued, it was not only the Zhangzhou Feike and Jiangxi Yufeng, but also the core party of the event, the farmer butler.
After 10 days, after more than three hours of consultation and evaluation, the final farmhouse manager won the bid for 478,000 yuan. This number has also become an important "evidence" for farmland butlers to incur attacks.
The farmer butler who moved the cheese
Farmland butlers have been exposed to the media very frequently. This company, which was established only in February last year, is not only new, but also far away from Beijing, but it has come to the south to grab the local snakes. How can it be said?
The mode of farmland butler is similar to the intermediary service platform such as Didi, Anjuke, etc. One end is the flight defense service team at all, and the other is the farmer with needs (can be a large farmer or a government agency, like this time Yuanxian Fruit Industry Bureau). The farmland butler has completed a round of financing of 50 million yuan in June this year. Among them, the investor of the foreign music is Lei Jun’s Shunwei Fund. It is worth noting that since the beginning of the angel round, Shun has been voting for three consecutive rounds. The core of the millet model lies in the operation and the team. Yu Yang, the founder of Lei Jun and the farmer butler, has a common value concept at this point, and is also the core function that the farmer steward is currently valued.
Based on this, the farmer housekeeper needs to connect the supply and demand sides of the market through the platform to form a large-scale operation network to respond to market demand at a fast speed. Therefore, the platform itself does not produce drones or fly defense services (there is a service team that is mainly used to verify the feasibility of the market).
In this place, I have spent a lot of time trying to make the necessary preparations for the development of the latter case.
In this way, three bidding companies: two local flight defense organizations, a national service platform. This is a standard of 700,000 yuan, which is a piece of fragrant for any party, so the competitive smell of gunpowder is obviously very strong. Especially for Jiangxi Yufeng, this verification and promotion is done by them. It takes half a year, and most of the parameters on the bidding documents refer to their aircraft. For the outside world, the default is obvious.
Why did the ducks that arrived at hand fly?

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