XCMG accelerates the pace of new product development

XCMG recently launched a number of new products such as (wide-body) dump trucks, hatchbacks, and (wide-body) tractors. Some of these products have been designed and assembled, and have been manufactured and tested at the Dingyuan Automobile Testing Site in China for performance and reliability. test.

Since XCMG acquired the equity of Chunlan Company in the automotive manufacturing sector in July of last year, the company has accelerated the pace of new product development and market expansion. On the one hand, XCMG quickly launched market research and listened to distributors and users' opinions on the original Chunlan automotive products for technological improvement and innovation. While focusing on the development of special vehicle chassis, it is planned to increase the market share of trucks and construction vehicles by series, as well as research and development of construction vehicles and tractors to achieve product portfolios of different grades and prices. On the other hand, we further implement quality improvement in design and speed up the trial production of all newly developed products, and quickly improve the manufacturing quality assurance ability from the aspects of production organization, process equipment capabilities, and inspection methods, and make appropriate adjustments to the supplier team.

At present, a group of new products of XCMG is undergoing various tests at the Dingyuan Automobile Testing Ground. For example, the NXG1315DPL1X8×4 silo is making thermal balance tests; the NXG1161PTK6×2 is doing performance tests; and the NXG3250D3KC6×4 (wide body) dump truck is under way. Reliability test; NXG4250D3KC 6 × 4 (wide body) tractor is running in the test. XCMG is expanding its market in all directions and strives to become a competitive automobile brand at an early date.
(Liu Gang Gao Kangjian)

1.  Adopt CNC technology, servo motor feeding, with high efficiency, stable workpiece precision.

2.  Important functional components adopt modular assembly, easy to repair it.

3.  Easy programming, can read CAD drawing and also can use the program generated by lofting software. It can read TEKLA lofting software files, such as NC1 format.

4.  With self-diagnosis failures function.

5.  X, Y axis are driven by servo motor + ball screw + linear guide, the precision is better.

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